East Valley Overcrowded

Get this; East Valley is in emergency mode trying to cope with overcrowding, and this is the beginning of February. What is going to happen in June during kitten season?

Oh, I know. Suddenly kitten impounds will drop to nothing or even negative numbers and the year will end with another 2,000 fewer animals killed.


I know that everyone is packed but I just received a call from East Valley.The shelter has over 300 dogs and cannot keep these numbers up.I will be sending pleas out for dogs in need out of East Valley. Pls help by cross posting widely and if by chance you can take just one of the manywonderful dogs available pls contact the East Valley shelter directly at 818 7569323 or Valerie at 213 305 9006 or Pnina at pd53@...http://www.ci.la.ca.us/ANI/petinfo_adoptapet.htmThank you!Pnina818 399 2495/ 818 389 8446

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Anonymous said...

His warehousing program can only work so long. Eventually the shelters fill up. This is the slowest time of year and they're already full. Maybe he assumed he would have been fired by now and it would have been someone else's problem.

When Boks left NY euthanasia went up the second he stopped controlling the books. He told everyone "I tried to show Mary Martin how to be nokill but I guess she just doesn't know how to do it. Oh well." Mary Martin actually continued some of his fudging but not as bad. Boks had classified 4,500 euths as owner surrender each year he was there even though it was only 950 before he arrived. After he left it went down to 2,500.

I pity the person who takes over after Boks. They may have to continue some of this fudging so it looks like they've improved things. They will have to continue to warehouse so the euth rate won't go back to where it was. Boks has set up LA to be forced to lie, overcrowd animals, treat animals inhumanely. We'll be feeling the ill effects of Boks for years to come.