Can Private Groups Run the City's Shelters?

I know everyone at the City will hate this idea, but it has been done in many, many cities across the country.

Can we disband the department and turn operations over to private groups?

In these other cities, they send out requests for proposals for defined services at a fixed budget.

Performance levels can be fixed and if the private group cannot meet their charged goals, they would lose the contract.

It could be done in any number of ways. One way is to have each shelter run by a different private group or cooperative of groups. Each shelter would have a separate budget determined by the usage and types and conditions of animal brought in.

All groups could be separate or there can be an oversight central command structure.

Since the dept would be disbanded, employees would be shifted to other departments, such as public relations or to the mayoral staff. Good employees would be rehired by the shelters.

Just an idea. I don't know if or how it could be implemented.


Anonymous said...

Pasadena was run poorly so the SPCA took over the contract. One reason they were run poorly was lack of funds. SPCA got donations. They do a much better job.

It would be a daunting task to take the Department private but it'd be better run ultimately. Part of the problem is the employees. There are some good ones and some horrible ones. No easy way to fire the bad employees. The employees are actively sabotaging other employees and the department due to petty jealousy and infighting. "He got a promotion, I got a write up, I will now make mistakes and mess with everyone." They are allowed to get away with this.

Anonymous said...

There has been success in privatizing prisons and I think this might be an answer except that the funds have to be there as well. Nothing will change without the resources changing. IVHS is private yet they are euthanizing a lot of animals. Resources, resources, resources, are the answer and those resources are not there presently. It would eliminate the union factor but if it is attempted, the union will try to block it, probably successfully.

Anonymous said...

The only local "private" group that has the working knowledge and trained investigative staff to run the department might arguably be spcaLA. They receive millions of dollars each year in donations. A couple of problems with them would be #1 -- They simply don't want the negative "issues" involved with the city of LA in general and LAAS in particular. SpcaLA got out of the "animal control" aspects over 12 years ago when Madeline took over from Ed Cbruda. Perhaps she has changed her mind since then. Problem #2 -- Management oversight. Under Madeline watch, spcaLA's VP of Finance Kenneth Brookwell EMBEZZLED OVER $940,000. OF SPCALA'S DONATIONS. One can only wonder how Madeline kept her job with such a screw-up continiung for four years! If Brookwell hadn't gone out on sick leave after an accident, he might still be scamming money from spcaLA's contributors! It is IMPERITIVE that the individual responsible for LAAS have extraordinary management skills. It's a thankless job. To deal with the mayor, city council, rescue community and public while dealing with all of the internal issues (proper animal care, staff, etc.) would demand a SUPER LEADER. Does anyone have any suggestions of a person or organization that would fit the bill?

Anonymous said...

You want to get rid of LAAS and you can't even dislodge Mayeda? Good luck.
Los Angeles is full of feeble idiots and dangerous lunatics. Local politicians are lining their own pockets from taxpayers while handing the city over to foreign invaders.
This city gets the animal control department it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Years ago Zev Yaroslavsky, when he was acouncilman, was all for firing all the employees of Animal Reg. He said they could lay them off permanently. Trouble is he wanted to contract the county to provide animal control services which meant L.A. would have no animal control officers, just shelters with a skeleton crew. Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
If Zev runs for mayor, we should pressure him to dissolve Animal Regulation?

Anonymous said...

I live in Yaroslavsky's district and have watched him do NOTHING about Marcia Mayeda and her extremely public incompetence (see Ivan Callais; Zephyr; animal-abusive employees keeping their jobs; filthy, poorly equipped and unheated shelters, etc.) and her extremely public unprofessional behavior, including lying to the BOS, the press, and the public and capricious abuse and scapegoating of volunteers.

Zev Yaroslavsky has as much chance as Antonio Villaraigosa of getting my vote ever again: ZERO.