Cat Killing Up 30.5% for Past 12 Months

For the past 12 months compared to the same 12 month interval last year, cat intake is up 20% but killing is up 30.5%! That is, killing is rising MUCH faster than intakes. Cat adoptions are up 19%. They would have to increase 250% to offset the killing.

Dog intake is up 18%, and adoptions up 28%. Even with adoptions up, killing was 22% higher than the year before.

Killing for the category of All Other Animals increased 56% while intakes increased only 7%.

That is, the killing increase is 700% higher than the percentage intake! Intake went from 7,950 to 8,499 (549 animals or 7% increase), while killing went from 2,313 to 3,619 (56% increase).

Another way of saying it, for every 1 additional animal brought in, an additional 2.4 were killed.

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