In a stunning turn around, HSUS Wayne Pacelle has embraced "no kill" using words almost identical to Winograd's.

In addition, two of Nathan's proteges will be speaking at speaking at the HSUS Expo next year.

Wow, what a turnaround.

From Nathan Winograd:

Did HSUS’ Wayne Pacelle Say “No Kill”? Yes he did, and more!

In announcing a partnership for a national advertising campaigning promoting adoptions being launched by Maddie’s Fund, HSUS, and the Ad Council, Wayne Pacelle stated:

It will make a life-saving difference in securing loving homes for untold numbers of pets and get us closer to a no-kill nation.

But, most importantly, HSUS states that the public does care and is not to blame for their killing, that killing animals in shelters is “needless,” that we can be a No Kill nation today, and that “pet overpopulation” is more myth than fact.

In language that is eerily (though excitingly) familiar to language in my book, Redemption, HSUS says:

“By increasing the percentage of people who obtain their pets through adoption—by just a few percentage points—we can solve the problem of euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats.”

“The needless loss of life in animal shelters is deplored by the American public. People deeply love their dogs and cats and feel that killing pets who are homeless through no fault of their own is a problem we must work harder to prevent. They want animals to have a second chance at life, not death by injection.”

“The needless killing of pets by animal shelters and animal control agencies comes at an enormous economic and moral cost."

This comes after announcing that staunch and unapologetic pro-No Kill advocates Susanne Kogut and Bonney Brown will be speaking at HSUS Expo 2009! Kogut runs an open admission shelter saving 93% of all dogs and 89% of all cats, while Brown has led a lifesaving initiative now saving 90% of dogs and 86% of all cats YTD.

Nonetheless, it’s way too early to uncork the champagne. As Ryan Clinton of stated, “it doesn’t ask the shelters to do anything different.”



Anonymous said...

HSUS has been talking about nokill for years before Nathan arrived. Recently, Wayne said he's not for "nokill shelters" as in overcrowding, inhumane conditions. He stated his current goal is to move toward "nokill" as in not killing

Ed Muzika said...

I know.

This is commonsense.

He opposes Ed Boks' style warehousing and died in shelter, but appears to be embracing "No-Kill" in the Winograd sense as being something in the distant future.

In the meantime, he uses even more weasel words such as no killing or reduced killing.

But to embrace the term "No-Kill" now as a near-term goal by increasing adoptions a few percent is exactly Nathan's use of the term and an expression it can be done now.

Pacelle's blog on the subject:

Anonymous said...

The only reason Wayne has turned is because Maddie's Fund gives huge grants to organizations working toward no kill. It's for the money people. Don't be so naive.

Anonymous said...

Read this

Wayne saysWayne says he's for "no kill," just not "No-Kill." Of course Wayne doesn't want to kill animals. No one does. Nathan is twisting his words.

Ed Muzika said...

Seems Wayne is being vague about semantics, using no kill vs "No Kill" and not making the distiction between meaningful by saying it is all up to the community, which is operational bullshit.

Nathan has a definite definition of No Kill, namely 90% save or more.

Wayne does not touch that.

Anonymous said...

Poster 3, you are right. Boks wanted Maddie's Fund money in Arizona. He started a 501 3c so he would comply with their grant requirements. Then he used that money and money he raised to supposedly open the "first nokill shelter in the US." It was an adoption only shelter. If animals weren't adopted at the center, they went back to the real shelters and were killed. Semantics, euphemisms, to get money. It's all about the money, for Boks, Winograd and Pacelle.

Anonymous said...

HSUS has been talking of no kill? GET A GRIP .

They are choosing a path that has become more vocal,stronger and they just dont want to get left out .

PETA is HSUS in the extreme,HSUS needs to keep its market share of fools money and they know the only way to do that is to soften the approach.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Pacelle is just trying to baffle us with the "proverbial" bulls**t. He just wants to co-opt the movement and the idea and its implementation by putting his own ineffectual spin on it. If he truly wanted to do it right I would back him up. Until then he can just move to Minnesota and raise dental floss; that will keep him from hurting/killing any more animals for a while.

-- Michelle A.

Anonymous said...

Ha!! Michelle, I think you meant he should be moving to MONTANA (soon).