LA Puppies for Obama

Los Angeles Animal Services has offered 2 black poodle puppies to Obama. They are hypoallergenic and are shelter dogs.

Can you imagine how many dogs' lives will be saved over the next few years as people want to do just as Obama has done? Tens of thousands.

I, and several other people have tried to contact various Obama sources to make this happen. Please, everyone use your own method to get to Obama to make it happen.

I have a very good contact number but don't want to post it because some people might use the number to try to poison Boks in Obama's eyes. This is far too important a life-saving opportunity for LA and shelter animals across the country to be ruined by someone who wants to attack Boks.

I will give those who want this number privately upon emailing me.


Anonymous said...

I have it on very good authority that the girls know EXACTLY what type of dog they want and that it will not come from a shelter but from a private rescue group. Getting a dog is about making his kids happy and they have known what they want for a very long time.

Ed Muzika said...

Well, you've been wrong before.

But getting a rescue will not help the shelters except very indirectly.

People will want rescue dogs and not go to the shelters, which is where they come in and where they are killed. This is the source.

The "shelter" is identifiable; the city or county shelters are whereever you are.

There are a million rescues and only the one who adopts to Obama and that breed will benefit.

No matter what the kids want, they can find that breed at some shelter somewhere.

It will be a bad thing if the Obama's get their dogs from one, identifiable rescue. That rescue will become rescuer of the stars but the spillover effect on shelter animals in general will not be so good.

You can justify it by saying rescuers will rescue more, but it is not that quick and easy.

Rescuers cannot gear up to handle a large increase in demand in the short run. They'd have to add people, increase logistics, work out arrangements with the shelters, and by that time, the excitement about getting any dog from a rescue might be over because you have to wait so long.

Shelters have all the animals on hand, now.

Our shlelters adopt out 3-4times as many animals as rescues.

If they knew specifically which dog they wanted for some time, that is fine then. I just want to repeat, it would be better if they actually got a dog from a pound.

I think when Obama said there may be a two dog strategy, that might mean one from a shelter and one from a rescue.

That would be the best of all worlds.

This is what I wanted for shelters in general and LAAS in particular.

Better than a breeder, but not a lot so far as saving thousands of animals is concerned.