Zine Personnel Meeting Today

The meeting indicated frustration on everyones' part as to what can be done about improving LAAS.

Parks, clueless, said he has seen the GM problem before, and asked what qualities the public wanted in a GM so we didn't come to this same place again next year. He asked if there were someone locally who people felt could do the job. Someone suggested Heisen, but Zine stated this was not the time or place.

As to what the public and rescuers want in terms of a GM?

That is easy--someone that can bring the killing down to 10%.

Someone who can bring it down likely is doing all of the right things.

We could speculate that short of that, what qualities are we looking for, and it still comes out being someone who can do the job.

Carl Friedman from San Francisco's AC&C said LA needed someone who can bring people together. That means an Obama community organizer type, which is exactly what Stuckey was.

The problem with Stuckey was he was doing a good job in terms of cutting the killing, but he didn't advertise it. He was doing far better than Boks. He thought the progress he was making was too slow and he'd be criticized and fired. Well, he hid the numbers and was lambasted for hiding the numbers. Then he was fired.

Boks is the opposite, he keeps telling everyone he is doing a good job even when the numbers prove otherwise.

Besides pure performance, there are the intangibles of likability, command presence and all that, but the real rub is in success. Can any GM get the killing down to 10%?

Of course, what a large number of people want is for Winograd to come here, do a consult and help select a new GM. That could be Heisen, then everyone who be happy in the short-term. The problem will be, can she do the job, or as Clueless asked, is there anyone on the horizon? Was he looking for a Winograd pitch?


Anonymous said...

We need someone who can work positively with the employees, rescuers, public, union and City Hall. In the past we've had GMs who were either pro-employees (Stuckey, Greenwalt) or pro-rescuers (Knapp, Boks initially) which pitted the two sides against each other. We must all come together on this. We need the equivalent of an Obama GM.

Maybe someone could ask the employees, rescuers who they want. Is there anyone currently employed in the Dept who can do a good job and get along with rescuers? Is there anyone in the local rescue community who can do a good job and get along with the employees?

I think we all know what needs to be done to lower the euth rate. We know the programs. We just need someone who can get the employees and rescuers together to implement the programs.

Ed Muzika said...

That is a good suggestion.

It always has come down to the choice of number 1.

Anonymous said...

The department is a BUSINESS!!!! The animals are the product. Any successful person who knows how to run a business will want to decrease euth. They will know how to deal with and keep employees happy. We do not need a "rescue" type, most notoriously bad at business. Kathy Davis would be great. A woman who runs a deparment for what it is.

Ed Muzika said...

Why do you suggest Kathy Davis? We are all ears on this one.

If she is good, why is euth still spiraling upwards? She is AGM so why isn't there a big improvement in stats?

Anonymous said...

Ed, HELLO???? Do you know Ed Boks? He will not allow anyone to implement good practices. He wants total control and will not allow the AGMs to make decisions. Kathy is sort of a go between of the employees and the GM and that situation is improving. She came from a shelter where she helped decrease euth. The issue is NO ONE will succeed with Ed Boks as GM. He is a menace.