More About Value Vet

I wanted to repeat some information that no one has commented on.

Value Vet WILL get the West Valley shelter spay/neuter contract unless they are stopped by LAAS staff or the Commission.

Because Barth and Boks have not made much of an effort to advertise the position, only Value Vet applied for the West Valley contract. Barth refused to entertain any further proposals from other vets because none but VV's was submitted by January 27.

Notice that the entities who have the current contracts are "friends of Boks," or at least well-known to Boks, namely Clinico (through Mary Martin from N.Y.), and Value Vet. I am afraid I am guilty here as I brought VV to Ed's attention two years ago. So, where is the outreach regarding the LAAS RFP for the S/N contract?

I will soon submit a malpractice complaint to the California Veterinary Medical Board re Value Vet. Perhaps this will help prevent their getting the contract.

No one from Value Vet has contacted me since my first post and public email. I did talk to the Canoga vet about a week before that first post. I complained about the charges. He offered me a $35 discount on a $2,270 bill to"make me happy." He was going to take off $100 off his surgery fee, but then add an additional $65 for dental, for a net refund of $35.

He never asked how Lakshmi was, nor did he apologize for her poor treatment. He did not acknowledge there was poor treatment.

He did not apologise for not force feeding her for four days, or for anything else. His sole concern with the amount on his bill. His name is Sherif Abdelmalak for future reference.

By the way, Lakshmi is doing well now. She is being treated by a great oncologist at West LA VCA, John Critine. She was given a single treatment of Cytoxin and a week later went on a combo treatment of Leukeran and Prednisone. She is also getting a formulated, beef flavored Flagyl and a probiotic for diarrhea. At times she acts like the 4 year old cat she is. He white blood count is down from 43,000 to 8,000 after a month of treatment.

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