Why Paul Koretz
For Los Angeles City Council District 5* on Tuesday March 3rd.
Paul's Record:
West Hollywood (City Council 1988-2000)
*Created the City of West Hollywood Animal Issues Task Force
*Authored resolution declaring West Hollywood an animal cruelty-free city
*Authored ordinance preventing landlords from evicting seniors and the disabled for having small animals in their apartments
*Authored ordinance providing for a lower license fee for spayed or neutered animals
*Authored resolutions opposing cruel practices against animals, like the Draize test.

California State Assembly – 2000-2006
Most notable animal legislation included:
*AB 1857, which banned declawing of exotic and wild cats
*AB 1336, which was written to require all animals sold in pet stores to be spayed or neutered. It was amended to require pet stores to give out info. on the importance of spaying and neutering to all people purchasing animals
*ACR 143, a resolution declaring Spay Day in California
*SB1578, (principle co-author) banned dog-tethering

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