Have the Generic Animal Cruelty Task Force Gone Mad?

Animal Services has been harassing an 80 year old neighbor with 12-14 cats for about 8 months now because a new neighbor complains not only about the 7 outdoor cats, but also her plants and the stated look of her yard. She now has late-stage cancer and I assume the harassment continues.

A friend in North Hollywood is under siege, with ACTF personnel telling him they are cops and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and need not abide by agree appointment rules. They had demanded immediate entry and confiscation of all cats over three. When this person refused, they said they'd be back with a warrant. I also note this person has complained about someone poisoning his cats and was told by the ACTF that they didn't have the resources to investigate the poisonings----despite that is one of their listed mission purposes. Still, they can send scads of personnel after him.

Remeber Ron Mason, one female member of the ACTF said they could take whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

Then there is the story of the Beverly Hills woman below who could go to jail because the City has ordered her to stop feeding ferals, rescuing them and placing them. She states she may have placed a thousand over the years.

Then Jimmy may go to jail too on July 1 because of the bogus Union Pacific charge that he sleeps on their property with his 4 cats.

What is going on?

Has LAAS and the ACTF declared war of cat owners? Has the Kennel law become LAAS and ACTF main field activity?

Remember, ACTF Officer Munez told me that feral AND lost cat colonies, feeders, and people with too many cats are their biggest problem.

I didn't know that Cardenas had in mind that the Animal Cruelty's top enforcement effort would be to snuff out neighborhood disputes by impound and killing hundreds of cats.

Tell me it is not so Mr. Cardenas.

I am about to do a request for records to see how much of the Task Force's time and energy are spend on harassing people that have been reported by neighbors as having too many cats (or dogs), versus any other animal abuse allegations.

Remember, "too many cats" is a violations of Municipal Code 53.50, the kennel law. This is merely a license violation, an infraction. These people are then arrested on any number of changes, jailed, forced to provide bail ($20,000 for Ron Mason), have all their animals seized, impounded, and ultimately killed.

What is going on here? Are we living in hell?


Ed Muzika said...

From Captain Carol Aborn Khoury:

ACTF handles very few animal hoarding cases, and they are less than 5% of the cases we do investigate. Our focus has been aggravated animal abuse/violence and blood sports.

Anonymous said...

Mason's case wasn't being "investigated" as a hoarding case was it?

Brad Jensen

Anonymous said...

On U-Tube, I heard the councilpeople say that they wanted to make this a no-kill city, when the old general manager was being interrogated for getting rid of the voucher program. It doesn't make sense that Cardenas' group is confiscating people's cats if their intention is to make this a no-kill city. Makes you do a Linda Blair head spin.

I sure hope that the neighbor who is being harrassed by her neighbors and ACTF isn't Leslie Johnstone. She's a really nice lady and has worked so hard over the years to TNR those cats. She does tend to bring a lot of them home from Canoga Park where there were threats of making her stop feeding some years back and she was dumping many an unaltered kitty at the campus where she used to teach. I sure hope it's not Professor Johnstone who has advanced cancer. She is such a nice woman. She tries so hard to keep up at her age. I don't wish this on anyone, but I really hope this isn't her.

Poor Jimmy and that lady in Beverly Hills. It doesn't seem to end.

Ed Muzika said...

Yes, the PR released by Boks was he was a mentally ill hoarder, and the only thing to break the causal chain is conviction.

Ed Muzika said...

Yes it is Leslie, can you help? She has not returned my calls, or others' either.

She has advanced cancer and needs help for her cats.

Kelley said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm living in hell.
This stuff just keeps going on and on and on and no one does anything and people's lives are ruined, and cats die, and it goes on and on and on, and no one ever stops it, or does anything about it.
I wish we had more watchblogs in Texas.

Ed Muzika said...

Yes Kelley, everyone in the rescue-animal activist world sees tons more than we can do everyday.

I get emails about stopping vivisection, save the whales, save shelter cats, a raid on an alleged "hoarder," some pervert kills a dog, a plea to stop Rhino poaching, save shelter dogs about to be killed, a Mike Vick.

It never stops. It is like the whole human race is mad, and the public authorities think the animal people are wierd.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I didn't know she had cancer. I wish I could help Prof. Johnstone. I can't help her! I'm hardly holding on with my own husband with cancer, 20 cats, and barely getting a chance to call my mom every so often, when I really should be bringing her home too! Poor Mrs. Johsntone. Kelly is right. All we ever do is go round and round with this, no one to help. So many terrible situations, so many people and cats in need of help.

Have you tried to post at LA Trappers in order to try to get help for Ms. Johnstone? Wouldn't hurt to try?

Poor woman and poor cats! I don't even have any idea where she lives and what her number is. It was just a feeling I had that this could have been her in terrible trouble.