Liberal Icons Failing

I thought Republicans were the worst offenders when it came to the use and abuse of animals. But recently, I have found liberal politicians and talk show hosts equally unempathetic.

Blabbermouth Keith Olberman was upset because the president's dog continued to be such a story. He wondered why people paid any attention. Then recently showed two clips of pigeons being killed by a hit ball and then another, as he said, "obliterated" when a player deliberately hit one with a bat.

Ed Schultz, who has another very liberal talk show on MSNBC is described in his bio as an avid hunter and fisherman.

Then obama and Biden, both of whom I had respected, get breed dogs when everyone in the world wanted them to get shelter dogs--and, they never even expressed knowing how they disappoited everyone and why they didn't at least get a second shelter animal.

Then, of course, there is Villaraigosa...

Is it that all loud mouths, politicians and talk show hosts, both left and right, are ignorant about the sentience of animals?

Thank God Trutanich actually rescued animals off the street, and Koretz is a known animal supporter.

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