Sugarman Claims Volunteers Poorly Treated

Two posts ago an AS employee stated we should leave the bad employees discipline to AS's management, as they use progressive discipline to get employees out. I don't now how many bad employees Boks got out, but I understand Stuckey fired one in 13 months and that was a good employee.

Sugarman's email below demonstrates that AS' volunteer program still sucks and great volunteer and foster programs are the backbone of all the successful No-Kill or almost No-Kill shelters.

We cannot wait for a gradualistic turn around. Last year Mayeda stated that it takes a long time to turn around a huge system like County ACC. Well, she has been on the job for eight years now, and she still runs one of the highest kill large systems in the County. If you wait for gradual improvement, nothing ever really improves.

The email sent to Council:

I rescue animals and give them a second chance for a happy home and life.  Going through your shelter system is appalling.  I have witnessed kennels hosed down early in the morning or later in the afternoon while animals are still in the kennel shaking from being wet and cold. 
I have tried to get in touch with employee's at your shelters to no avail for me not all of them but most of them do not return calls, e-mails, etc. Sometimes the animals are put to sleep for no reason. If your employee's have no time to get back to people that are willing to rescue animals and find them a loving it is time to change your policy and hire a few good people to work with rescues directly. 
Volunteers know more about the animals then employee yet their hands are tied. I know 2 other people besides myself that would network the animals. This would save the shelter system money because instead of the animals sitting in the shelter system they would be adopted faster saving the shelter money on vet bills,food, etc.  All would be happy. It would be a simple task and I am sure it would work. Every body would be happier including the animals. It is time for change immediately. The policies you have now are not working.
Rescue groups are frustrated with the system that is now in place by the City of L.A. Volunteers are treated poorly by the shelter staff yet if it wasn't for the volunteers most animals wouldn't be adopted at all.  These people are not paid and treated awful.  Yet the City of L.A. still ask people to volunteer. Volunteers do it because they love the animals yet are treated like dirt under someones feet plus they are not compensated for their good deeds.  They could color code the animals so people would know if this animal was the correct animal for them. Simple things could be done but yet they are not.
We need your help, change would work for the better.  People put their names on animals to recuse them from a poor fate, later to find out they never receive phone calls from the shelter employees and the animal is put to sleep. How do you explain this?  I know I have rescued a dog at one of the shelters she was marked aggressive, 2 years old.  She likely was very scared she was approximately 6 months old not aggressive plays with all dogs at the dog park, everyone knows her name.  This dog is an Akita. She has no clue about fighting, she is good with people, she is socialized. I know many pit bulls that are the same as this Akita plus other breeds.  In fact I rescued several Akita's from the shelter system and non of them are aggressive all socialized and very loyal and loving. Just think if these dogs were put to sleep without given a 2nd chance.  Not just that they enjoy their  life, people enjoy them also.  On a daily basis this dog visits children at school, on a daily basis also 3 men with disabilities. She brings smiles to all she comes into contact. I had a wonderful male was like wise.  She is also the official neighborhood watch dog with the LAPD.
I look forward to your prompt reply regarding your intentions.

Patti Sugarman

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