LAAS Field Troops Still Harassing Cat People

A friend of mine is being harassed because of too many cats. A posse shows up every month or so and inspects his property and finds too many cats. He baits them, it seems, by keeping the water bowls out and telling them he refuses to stop giving them water, and he doesn't get them off his property before the inspections--that is another story. But, he is looking forward to being "masonized."

Remember Ron Mason? LAAS confiscated 51 cats and killed 26 because they were "irremediably" suffering? Even the Chief vet said the kittens were in bad condition. I posted the photos from the Daily News that showed the sick kittens and one adult cat they killed.

Today I got a comment on a 17 month old post about someone who rescued 11 sick cats with UIR.

Here it is:

Hi, I am from the Philippines, we have rescued 11 cats, we have them all neutered and spayed. Boks is obviously lying.Two weeks ago we had to put two cats to sleep because of upper respiratory problem (rhino/calicivirus), they were suffering so much and there is no hope if they will survive (WBC count was only 100, tongue and esophagus with severe ulcer. 

But we were able to save 9 of them with supportive medication. They were infected with the new strain of calicivirus, which currently there is no vaccine for it. This virus can kill within 24 hours to 3 days if the cat's immune system is not so good. But if they have a better immune system, they can survive and it will run it's course within 10 days.

The death is horrible for those who are really weak and immune system is very low. But even the one's that we predicted will not be able to make it, actually made it. They are all playing and very active now.

All we did was put them in fluids, antibiotics, supportive medication and of course TLC.

There is really no medicine for any viral infection. You can only give supportive medication and antibiotics for secondary bacterial infection.

Apparently, Boks thinks all cats infected with a virus should be killed since he cannot even provide supportive medication.

Even the healthiest cat in the world that gets Class A type of care can be a virus carrier. Boksmission is probably to exterminate all animals.

We spent a lot of money, family and friends helped us, we still owe some money from the vet but it's all worth it.

Boks is obviously lying, I saw the cats on the video and pictures, not even close to what our cats had, but 9 of them survived it.

I think this is my last post about Boks. He is history, why continue to beat on him?

I wish him well in his new career as long as it isn't running a shelter.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking all over for this post and finally found it. The same thing happened to me, so I was wondering who your friend was. It wasn't LAAS who harrassed me, but ACTF who decended on me for having "too many cats." Five cats is too many cats.

They threaten and intimidate you with penal code 53.50 and you are forced to comply immediately under penalty of prosecution or impoundment of your cats---

Perfectly healthy, happy cats who are just lying on your bed causing no one any harm or disturbance...just want to lay around, eat, pay their rent by pooing in their nice clean litterbox, and look out the window all day when they aren't taking a nap.

They caused 6 of my cats to be killed for no reason in the world, except that some anonymous coward called with a hugely fabricated complaint against my address.

The absurdity of it all is that the hateful coward worded the complaint in such a way as to reveal herself as a rescuer. The complaining party used rescuers language to get the ACTF to investigate.

The rescuer was shooting at me by using ACTF to bring me down, and got the cats killed with their written order to comply (intended meaning of the order, "or else).

It is clear to me that rescuers and the ACTF are working together to get people's innocent cats killed. They obviously have close connections and use fabricated complaints against your cats if they don't like.

If you are not a bonified rescue, watch out. They intimidate you just by showing up at your door unannounced with a fabricated complaint and then threaten you with a written order to "cut down" under penalty of prosecution if you have more than three cats.

They go by the letter of the law and when someone doesn't like you, all they have to do is fabricate an exaggerated complaint against you to go after you. And if you have more than three cats, they die. They don't impound them right away. They make you impound them, or make them take to the streets.

The written law is that "you cannot maintain more than three cats without first acquiring a kennle permit," and you are not going to get one if you are not a bonified rescue on their list of rescues.

So, it's impound them and have them killed, hand them over to people who alrady have more than three cats and put those people in the same position you are in, or throw them out to the coyotes, and we know there are lots of coyotes running around, now that the momma coyotes are having babies and are looking for those nutritious parts they can get out of those delicious kitties.

One of mine was torn to pieces by a "coyote" only a week after the ACTF decended on my cats...her head ripped out of her shoulders alive, decapitated, her tummy ripped open, evicerated...her stomach wide open, her heart was "cut out," in the same way the party who fabricated a hoarding complaint about my cats had them killed ripped out my heart. I am sure the whole party of rescuers are very happy with their law-abiding, good deed. What good citizens we have among us, and what marvelous laws we have in favor of the healthy, happy, and innocent.