Mary Cummins

A little about Mary Cummins.

Mary Cummins started a blog to defend Ed boks when he first started in Los Angeles.  She defended Ed against articles written by an Internet reporter, the ADL and two friends of the reporter. One of those friends maintained a blog attacking Boks.

I joined Mary in defending Boks with this blog. We defended Boks all the way through 2006 and we both made a lot of enemies. Mary made more than I because she was anonymous and was more bold in her attacks against this crew.

Two of these also attacked a commissioner who was known to be Mary's friend. These four, in a sense, eventually became Ed Boks biggest backers because he was now Mary's enemy and therefore their friend.

Talk about lying and cyberstalking, in just five minutes I was able to Google a half dozen blogs STILL up attacking Mary. This is one of the reasons the City thought it could get away with offering $130,000 in the lawsuit despite ample email evidence that back all of her allegations against Ed Boks. They, along with Boks went a long way to ruin her character. I am not going after Boks in any way, I just want you to know that there are four people that have been poisoning this lawsuit situation and are distorting the facts against Mary.

Mary and I both were shocked when we saw the 2006 year end results and found despite Boks bragging about spectacular success throughout the year, in fact, more animals were killed in 2006 than in the year under Stuckey.

All during the latter part of 2006 I was made aware of Ed's chasing after Mary and showing up drunk on her doorstep. Then in very late 2006 when the crazies were going after Mary and I, suddenly Ed Boks went silent. We had supported him and he was throwing us under the bus.

Well, the crazies eventually let me alone but they continued and continue after Mary. Take a look at the multiple blogs STILL UP cyberattacking her:

You'll find attacks on me if you read through the blogs, but I couldn't care less.

Now, imagine having attack blogs and weekly email blasts posting hate messages about you continuing for three years. Could you take it? How easy do you think it would be to find employment, win a contract or anything else? Count your blessings.


Anonymous said...

Seek professional help.
Get help.

Anonymous said...

Just because Boks is an alcoholic dirty old man does not mean Mary is sane.

Anonymous said...

And doesn't mean that anybody "wanted" her. And if it were that bad, why would she continue to go on volunteering with this incredibly distasteful man? I think it's because she makes a living off of lawsuits like this.

No matter what Boks did, chase down Cummins to have sex with her is probably has the least probability of being true.

Anonymous said...

Some of those websites look like Marge Weems' handiwork. Beware! That strain of insanity is contagious!

Boks = Death said...

Are we serious people or not?

If we actually care about the lives of animals and whether or not they are being mistreated, neglected or wantonly killed in City and County shelters then we need to figure out how to stop it. This topic has NO place in making that happen.

Either you care about animals or you care about indulging some vast internal tar pit of malice and prurience. You cannot have it both ways.

I don't care if someone drinks or tries to molest a doorknob if, in their working hours - and hopefully beyond, they save animals.

This is why they defeat us. Because as literally life-or-death as the issue is, we cannot keep our eyes on the ball.

For God's sake, grow up and care about what matters. How many animals have Ed Boks and Marcia Mayeda killed today while you were wallowing in this slime?

Anonymous said...

There are many more ihatemary blogs out there. Those blogs are run by two people, the two people who originally were attacking Boks. Boks then got the bright idea to tell those two nuts that Mary is the one who wrote all the blog posts when it wasn't the truth. Boks is a low life. He told the City and others that she made all of his mistakes. How convenient.

Ed Muzika said...

You address an important issue. Some of the most dangerous people for the animal rescue/welfare world are people in that same world.

How many rescuers/fosters/Masons have been raided by City or County because they were "turned in" not by neighbors, but by other rescuers who visited their properties? That is who complained to the ACTF about Ron Mason, another rescuer who was going to take 2-3 of his kittens.

There are a lot of emotional loose canons in that same community. So called crazies abound. But merely calling for rationality and togetherness helps no one. Calling for together action has not worked.

You have to understand it and not just mad and walk away because things are as they are. I yhink Mary needs defending because she has been so poisoned. I think only about 25% of the info you find on the Internet is accurate when it comes to this case.

ADL did a disservice in this respect as they concentrated on Boks mental issues which brought out all the sexual stuff, as well the others I mentioned with regard to Boks. This blossomed into more prurience.

I always focused on Boks performance, but that didn't seem to carry much weight until 3 things came together:

The NYC discrimination/racist lawsuit Boks lost, the voucher mess, and Mary's lawsuit win.

So what I concentrated on--horrible performance--was not what got him knocked out of the box. It was racism, prurience and money.

Boks = Death said...

I'd just like to say that I was not attacking you, Ed. I was addressing the people who want to use the topic of a(nother) Boks-ignited lawsuit as a jumping-off point into a cesspool of malice.

It was the commenters (commentors?) and the general willingness, even glee of some very vocal elements in the community to start in on personalities, rather than focusing on the mission.

I understand why you reported the outcome of the lawsuit. It certainly adds in a puzzle piece on why Boks is choosing (or had chosen for him) this time to run. It also underlines the absolute necessity of there being a thorough background check, as well as hard questions being asked about the next GM, hopefully by a qualified search committee, as befits a world-class city.

I certainly hope that was what was missing from the Boks-selection process. One would hate to think that the Mayor KNEW everything there was to be known about Boks, and picked him anyway. If that were the case, it would certainly show that Antonio Villaraigosa really didn't care about what happened to L.A.'s animals, even that far back.

Ed Muzika said...

One thing we do see is that both the Mayor and the Supervisors consider the performance of their Animal Care departments as unimportant.

The LA GMs have been under fire for 5 years led by ADL until a year or so ago. Mayeda has only really had organized opposition since late 2007, so there is catch up there.

It is clear the animal community has little pull with either City or County government.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is about the animals and those charged with their care.

This (ex)GM didn't have the integrity or discretion to draw the line when needed. It matters not whether the other person was a willing participant (not saying Mary was). It was up to Ed to not engage. His libido, prejudices, ego and "isms" took a front seat to focusing on the task at hand.

Ed M, I agree with you. The community has little power in politics. If it weren't for the bad press Boks brought upon himself, he'd probably still be here (gag). For that reason, Mary's suit must have played a role in his "resignation."

Anonymous said...

Boks = Death = Death said...

Hate much?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, as someone who is "outside" of this drama but cares about the situation with LAAS and animals, posting this sort of dribble is what drives your readers away. It is simply nonsense and has nothing to do with anything.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue folks. LA Animal Watch is Mary Cummins talking about herself in the 3rd person. Its all her and always will be.

Anonymous said...

This blog is not about "...the situation with LAAS and animals..." it's about hate.

Boks = Death said...

#14, I think you want to believe this blog is about hate.

I think there are a lot of people, some on our City payroll, who would like to believe this blog, Ryan Olshan's blog, and all discussion about animal sheltering issues are about something other than the bad job you are doing.

But it's hard to make that argument with the view of Ed Boks' seat pants still visible out the screen door.

This blog gets the info out. This blog highlights, in a way that the L.A. Times refuses to (and the Daily News only sporadically does) the highly paid malfeasance of Ed Boks, Jim Bickhart and especially Antonio Villaraigosa.

I don't think this blog is solely responsible for Boks' downfall. For that we also have to thank Ed Boks himself, a man who cannot figure out how not to self-destruct, which would be fine if he didn't also destroy so many animals around the country in the process.

I do credit this blog with saving Ron Mason. Without Ed Muzika's voice of opposition Boks would have most likely gotten away with charging Ron with his threatened "felony animal neglect." Ron could have gone to jail. ALL his cats could have died. I'm not saying Ed Boks didn't do terrible damage to Ron in his vain (in both senses of the word) quest for PR. But Ron didn't go to jail purely because this blog stood up for him.

I think the blogosphere's second-best go-to, after accusing someone of being a terrorist, which is a hard case to make here, is to accuse people of being haters. I was accused of hating for speaking out against hate, or at least personal animosity. It made no sense, but then that's not the point is it?

The hope is to discredit people who work to expose abuses in L.A.'s city and county shelter systems. You think if you call me a hater then I can't credibly tell you to stop dragging dogs with dislocated hips across the grounds of the Baldwin Park shelter. If I'm a hater then I can't call you out for attempting to covertly rescind the City's promised spay/neuter discounts.

It's pretty weak logic, but it's all you have. Boks is gone. Now we are focused on getting a G.M. who is qualified, and who cares about humane treatment of L.A.'s animals and moving toward true no kill. We are also focused on ending Marcia Mayeda's seven and half years of unprofessionalism, cronyism, misconduct, neglect and cruelty.

We're not haters. We're serious. You can't stop us by calling us haters because we know what our mission is.