ACTF Main Activity--Busting Cat "Hoarders"

Boks used the ACTF as a personal PR brigade, going after master criminals, such as Ron Mason, then publicly boasting about how they rescued the cats.

Here, lie with Ron Mason, they killed most of the cats they rescued. Also, you can't believe a word Boks said about the condition of the cats, or why they were untreatable. Did she take 18 cats to Brown Canyon and abandon them? If so, how was the ACTF able to impound those 18 cats? Imagine, she was charged with illegal breeding of cats! The news release below was dated Feb 22, 2007, seven months before they did the same thing to Ron Mason. But they only killed 50% of Ron's cats, compared to 78% here. 


City of Los Angeles  Department of Animal Services

Cat Hoarder Busted For Cruelty

Los Angeles – On October 4, 2006, Los Angeles Animal Services filed cruelty charges against Linda Lane of
Canoga Park. Ms. Lane subjected more than a dozen sick cats to deplorable living conditions. Ms. Lane put 18 cats in her car, drove them into Brown's Canyon, and abandoned them and her car there to avoid being charged with animal cruelty.

LA Animal Services subsequently filed charges under PC597(b) (animal cruelty), 53.50
LAMC (too many cats) and 53.15.2 C and B (illegal breeding of cats).

On Tuesday, February 20, 2007, Ms. Lane
pled guilty to all charges. Her sentence includes: 36 months probation, 100 hours community service, $120 in court fees, 24 hours of 597(g) behavioral counseling, 24/7 right of Animal Services to inspect without a warrant or probable cause.

In addition, Ms. Lane was forbidden by the court from feeding or placing food out for any cats or strays. Ms. Lane will be allowed to keep one cat, that must be spayed or neutered and a photo of the cat must be provided to LA Animal Services. Ms. Lane has until March 28th to comply with these conditions.

“A key reason we pursued this case is the poor living conditions,” said department General Manager Ed
Boks. “We want all cats to have homes, but they have to be homes where the animals are well cared-for. Ms. Lane was failing across the board.”

All 18 cats impounded by Animal Services required extensive care as they were suffering from severe upper respiratory infection and skin lesions, four of these cats were also feral. Four cats ultimately recovered and were adopted. Fourteen cats were humanely euthanized due to irremediable suffering or lack of improvement from treatments.

This case sets a new standard for hoarding and cruelty cases in that this is the first time an owner has been restricted from feeding strays. Ms. Lane was advised that any violation in her probation could result in incarceration.


Now, another newsletter release dated January 2007 by the ACTF lists its agenda and purpose as:

The Task Force was assembled to fight animal neglect and abuse, including beatings, poisoning, cock fighting, dog fighting, and bestiality.

Yes, but people who own houses with too many cats are easier to find.

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Anonymous said...

The woman didn't "abandon the cats to avoid prosecution." She was trying to save their lives. She knows the ACTF would take the animals and kill them. She wouldn't abandon her car, with her license plate and registration on it to "avoid prosecution."

And this part, "she subjected them to deplorable living conditions." She fed and cared for them. That's a lot more than the shelter does. The shelter subjects them to deplorable conditions, then they kill them.

Don't waste city funds going after people with over three cats. Make the dept do their job and offer help, call rescuers, give some free food, offer some vet care....