WORST YEAR FOR CATS EVER AT LA'S SHELTERS, 3,009 More Cats Killed This Year Compared to Last

The April shelter Statistics are out for LAAS. This has been the worst year in terms of cat deaths at least since 2000. The Department only posts numbers for the last eight years. How is that for progress towards no kill?

During the past 12 months, 3,029 more cats were killed compared to the year before, an increase of almost 33%. Impounds increased by 17.6%, from 20,033 to 23,568, or an additional 3,535 cats, of which 3,029 were killed. That is, 86% of the increased impounds were killed. 

I am combining the kill figure with the died in the shelter figure which itself is up 75% compared to two years ago. The total cats killed for the past 12 months is 13,053 compared to 10,138 for the previous 12 months.

Unfortunately for Boks, Mayeda never publishes County stats on her department's site. You have to pull the numbers out of her with Record Requests. How about it Marcia, post your numbers!

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