Don't Believe What You Read About the Cummins Settlement

Until the dust clears, don't believe ANYTHING you read about Mary Cummins harrassment lawsuit against Boks and the City's offered settlement. There is a strange $70,000 missing from the $200,000 that Council authorized her to be paid, and the amount and what was offered according to the Orlov story. 

Reporters are quoting Micheleson as saying he fired Mary for poor job performance, but he is also denying he said anything like that. 

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Gary Michelson is crazy. Everyone knows it. Even Ed Boks.

Boks = Death said...

Truthfully, the more you hear about all this the more you feel like you need a shower.

I've seen some of the poison spewed online in this matter and the people involved and frankly this is the sort of thing that makes people believe they don't need to take us seriously.

People who say they love animals but then act against their interests by behaving in such a deranged manner need to grow up or face the fact that they can't and get out of the movement.