Phoenix: A City That Does Not Care

Maricopa County impounded 57,000 dogs and cats in 2008 and killed almost 32,000 of them for a kill rate of 56%.  They killed 61% of their cats and 54% of their dogs.

Despite taking in a few thousand more animals than Los Angeles City, they had far less than half as many employees (157), and far less than half LA’s budget ($8.2 Million). They returned less than 1% of cats to their owners,

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Maddies Statistics 2007-2008:

Yet these liars say they haven’t killed an adoptable dog since 2004. I guess they think not one of the over 100,000 dogs they killed was adoptable.


Anonymous said...

And that's where Ed Boks came from...

Anonymous said...

Boks is the one who started the bullshit lies in Maricopa. He is the one who said they are "nokill." This was back in 2003. Boks started the "first nokill shelter in the United States" in Maricopa.

In case anyone doesn't know there were two shelters and one adoption only center in Maricopa. When questioned about his statement about being nokill, Boks clarified it by saying one of his shelters was nokill. He meant the adoption only center. Animals not adopted that center went back to the be KILLED. Just bullshit. It's all bullshit. That is not transparency.

Ed Muzika said...

I am not certain, but I think Maricopa has gone downhill rapidly in the last two years. Boks made a lot of progress in increasing adoptions when he was there, although there was little other progress.

One of the benefits of his stay is the lowered cat kill. They don't take in nearly as many cats in relation to dogs compared to LA County or City and that is due to their official TNR policy.

This new guy is a loser.

Anonymous said...

Actually Boks refused animals in Maricopa. Volunteers and rescuers told me this. People would get upset and just dump the animals in front of the shelter at night. The animals would then become strays on the street because the Dept didn't bring them inside. Then they wouldn't round up the strays. A rescuer said a lot died from the heat, coyotes or cars.

The euth rate is about the same as when Boks was there. They audited Boks in 2003 and found many problems which he created. He recreated those same problems in NY and LA.