County's Major Accomplishments According to Mayeda

Two years ago I posted Marcia Mayeda's stated "Major Accomplishment" in the County's 2004-2005 budget, where she boasted that the County adopted 89.6% of adoptable cats in fiscal 2003-2004. 

In fact, the County killed 28,100 cats that year for a total kill rate of about 82%.

I wrote a letter to the Supervisors saying she and her numbers were a fraud. Of course nothing came of it except when it came to the category "major Accomplishments," she no longer talked about euthanasia or adoptions at all anymore. She just talked about programs, procedures, studies, etc.

Anyway, here are her listed Major Accomplishments for 2008-2009 found in the County's 2009-2010 budget. If you can find anything in these "accomplishments" at all relevant to her performance, please tell me:

Major Accomplishments 2007-2008

• Began programming for construction of three spay/neuter clinics, to be located at the
Lancaster, Carson and Baldwin Park shelters. These facilities will help provide
improved medical care to shelter animals through updated and modernized facilities.

• Responded to Canyon fire in Malibu; Ranch fire in Castaic and Buckweed; a fire in
Agua Dulce and Canyon Country; a fire in Acton and Meadow Ridge in Santa Clarita;
and the Magic fire in Stevenson Ranch. The department maintained presence at
emergency operations centers, operated several animal evacuation shelters and
evacuated 341animals, utilizing 65 staff, 58 volunteers, nine Palos Verdes Mounted
Posse, and 19 Western University Vet students.

• Certified all employees in the Situational Incident Management System (SIMS) and the
National Incident Management System (NIMS), enhancing the department’s ability to
respond to mass emergencies.

• Developed and began planning of a program to accept credit and debit card payments
at shelters and by telephone, making license renewals easier and more efficient.

• Conducted facility assessments of all six shelters and identified short and long term
repair and maintenance items to help improve overall shelter operations.

• Improved department’s technological capacity by moving the database to a centralized
server maintained by the Internal Services Department (ISD), and joined ISD’s
Information Technology Support Services program to provide ongoing maintenance
and replacement of department computer systems.
Major Objectives 2008-2009

• Expand the Lancaster facility with additional animal housing facilities to help ease overcrowding at that facility while planning continues for an additional Antelope Valley shelter.
• Expand the Downey facility with an additional building to help house cats and animals
with special medical needs.

• Continue development of PAWSTATS to continue to more closely analyze department
performance and work towards improvements.

• Establish a revenue division to help enhance revenue collection in the County’s
unincorporated areas and recover appropriate costs for services rendered.

I guess she thinks posting she still has an 80% kill (and died in shelter) rate for cats is not a good idea.

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