Trutanich and Koretz Win

Here are photos of the Trutanich Victory Party at Universal Hilton:

Now maybe we can get LA's animal Cruelty Task Force to go after actual animal cruelty, instead, as Officer Munez said, "Our biggest problem is people with too many cats."

People with too many cats usually own their own homes and are easy to find, dog fighting rings are harder to find and in dangerous neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

You took some great photos!! Zuma Dogg was there with his video camera too I see =)

Brad Jensen

Kitty Litter said...

Yes, you are a wonderful photographer. That goes without saying!

Who is the curious looking youngish guy out of the dress code? He is wearing a beanie and glasses.

I am sorry to ask, but is he blind, on chemo, or both maybe? He gets around pretty good if he is blind. Is he famous?

Anonymous said...

The guy in the beenie is Zuma Dogg, a homeless man who likes to go speak his mind in City Council. He likes to rap, rant and yell at council. He's been kicked out at least twice.

Anonymous said...

I read that Antonio said he feels that Weiss is like his little brother and he liked him when he was a councilmember. That's why he supported him. Who the &^%$ would want Antonio's little brother as the city attorney? I can't imagine anyone worse. I'm so happy that Tru won. Anyone but Weiss is how I feel.

Anonymous said...

Kind of blows my mind to think any officer on the ACTF thinks their biggest problem is people with too many cats.

Really?? Too many cats is worse than dog fighting?

Than animal abuse?

Than puppy mills?

Than trafficking birds and puppies up from Mexico, or in from Korea?

Than pet shops that sell sick puppies?

Than dairy farmers who leave "unneeded" newborn male calves to drown in mud and feces?

Than City and County employees who abuse animals and get paid our money to do it?

Officer Munez is a moron. The whole LAAS-ACTF infrastructure is based on smoke and mirrors. Persecute Ron Mason, get a story in the Daily News by non-reporter of facts Dana Bartholomew, make everyone think you're achieving something - then when the City Attorney throws out the case, act like nothing happened. Daily News reporter's not going to risk his big ego by admitting he got played, so the impression that "animal cruelty" is being fought in this city stays intact, meanwhile animals are dying, but the ACTF doesn't have to go into scary places or work hard cleaning out a puppy mill.

You think they'll at least stop using catchpoles on cats, seeing as how it's against their own departmental policy? I guess cruelty to animals, including strangling cats, doesn't count if it's Animal Control officers and cops...

Anonymous said...

Poster five,

I totally agree with you. I'm starting to feel the ACTF is just for good press. They raid someone with more than three cats and not a cock fight, dog fighter, person beating a dog, someone not feeding their animals... Heaven forbid a well fed and cared for cat on private property menaces society because you know it's always that fourth cat that's a blood sucking baby killer. How is having over three cats animal cruelty? The animal is not being harmed! It's well cared for, better cared for than the animals in the shelters or roaming the streets.

I was in on the ACTF in the beginning, before it was approved or formed. It was supposed to be to go after animal cruelty, blood sports. There was no mention of people with over three cats. They decided to go after cats later because it's just so much easier. An older person with ten cats at their home, easy safe target, and the City can be the "hero." Crazy.

Ed Muzika said...

Yes it is insanity covered over by using the term "hoarder," which is defined however they want it.

Munez, after stating people with "too many cats" were their worst problem, then stated, "How would you like to live next door to someone with a bunch of cats?"

I didn't tell him he was talking to the wrong guy, but it is clear he sees one of the primary tasks of the LAACTF is neighbor dispute nuisance abatement.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I was visiting with cats in two different LAAS shelters a while ago, and when staff asked me if I was going to adopt I told them I already had the city limit of three cats.

In BOTH city shelters the staffers said the exact same thing, "Well, four cats is not that much..."

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous and this is why we need to have a City Council member who will carry bills and ordinances regarding animal welfare. I think since Koretz just won, and many of us voted for him because he is an animal lover, we need to seriously start making animals as important as, say, protecting movie stars from the paparazzi (thanks Dennis Zine!). Now that Boks is gone, the public and esp. animal activists need to be consulted on who to bring in. There needs to be community discussions to raise the level of the issue to being important and not just "oh, it's the crazy animal people" which it seems to be today. And let's get that POOR BILLY FREED FROM THE ZOO!