These are the raw footage from which CBS derived their story shown  tonight on Channel 2 at 11 p.m.


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Board of Supervisors - Fire Marcia Mayeda said...

Holy cow, I just saw the report and it was great! Not that it said anything the rescue community didn't know, but for it all to be out there, picture after picture, and the Marcia Mayeda's pie-eyed gaze saying it was only three incidents... This does NOT look good for her.

Plus, just seeing Felix Reyes' face and seeing the reporter going after him and asking him how he sleeps at night after mistreating animals was great. Reyes dragged a dog with a dislocated hip all across the grounds of the Baldwin Park shelter and he's still employed by the County, still taking home our tax money.

As bad as these pictures are, it looks like worse is in the documents they showed. In one screen shot you could see the words (I paraphrase) "syringe filled with air." Are they going to go after these guys for the way they killed animals for sport?

I hope so. Boks is gone and there's no way Marcia Mayeda, who is ten times worse, could or should weather this. Nor can the Board of Supervisors continue to act like all these allegations are figments of the rescue community's imagination.

Call your Supervisor's office (here's the link to find which is your Supervisor: and when his or her staff says condescendingly to you, as they absolutely will, "HOW do you know employees are abusing animals?" you can say "Because it was on Channel 2 News, pictures and all!"

The time for denial is over. Marcia Mayeda needs to GO.