ACTF Was Very Busy in Late 2007 Busting Cat "Hoarders"

This bust was just two months before Ron Mason's bust. 108 animals were impounded. How many do you suppose left alive? How many received treatment of any sort? This is a LAAS News Release dated August 2, 2007, 65 days before Ron Mason's bust.

Call For Help Saves Animals in Distress

Los Angeles: On Tuesday, July 31, 2007, concerned friends of a West Valley resident notified the Los Angeles Police Department regarding their friends threats to kill herself. West Valley Officers responded to the residence in the 19300 block of Welby Way in the San Fernando Valley in an effort to check on the womans welfare. When the resident did not answer the door, the officers, fearing that someone had been harmed, entered the location. The officers were unable to locate the resident, but discovered cats, reptiles, a dog, and numerous exotic birds living in deplorable conditions.

The City of Los Angeles’ Animal Cruelty Task Force was contacted and responded to the location to conduct an investigation and rescue the endangered animals. While the animals were being taken into protective custody, the resident arrived home. The officers, suspecting mental illness was a factor, requested the assistance of mental health professionals. This tactic was proven effective as the resident was detained for a 72-hour mental evaluation hold.

A total of 108 animals were taken from the house. The Animal Cruelty Task Force is handling the investigation.


I have one major question, of the 108 animals taken into "protective custody," how many left the shelter alive?

I would not raised this issue again except that this sort of thing is still happening.


Anonymous said...

I actually know three former Mason cats. It would be hard to find nicer, gentler, more well-adjusted cats. One has made himself official greeter of nervous new cats arriving in his home. Another loves everybody he's ever met, happily lets people pet his tummy (which not a lot of cats will do with strangers) and all three are beautiful and healthy.

In case I ever had any doubts about Ron Mason (which I really didn't) knowing these cats absolutely proves he loved and looked after his cats, which absolutely can NOT be said about the ACTF.

Anonymous said...

Rather than bust all these so called cat "hoarders", which can only result in additional costs to the taxpayer, perhaps the ACTF should be directed to divert their time, money and resources towards something that would increase revenue, like licensing?

Brad Jensen