LAAS had the highest live-save rate ever last month, 83.75%!

This marks a good improvement over all previous performances, and in many people eyes would border on No-Kill if the results held for the entire year. Of course January is one of the three lowest impound months of the year and cannot be taken as representative.

One other problem is that a month in isolation doesn't tell the whole story.

For example, if I run the numbers for dogs and cats independently, and check against the "dogs and cats" combined outcomes, I get slightly different numbers.

For January, the live save rate for dogs alone was 80.2%, and cats was 82.9%. However, when I used the dogs and cats charts, the live save rate was 83.75%, which means there were some number problems coordinating the three sets of numbers.

Also, the number of "cats" outcomes for January was significantly higher than the number of impounds. For example, cat impounds were listed as 682 for January, but there were 856 listed outcomes, or 174 more cats left the shelter in January than were impounded that month, meaning the January numbers are not totally representative because they include cats impounded in previous months.

Indeed, 224 cats were euthanized in January, and another 29 died during care, for a total of 253 animals that were not live releases. If we compare that number to the number impounded in January, we get a live release rate of only 63%.  However, if we compare that death rate with the total outcomes for January adjusted for DOA impounds, or 819 cats, the live save rate is 69%, still lower than the 82.9% total obtained when calculating using the lower real January impound number.

In any event, LAAS did very well in January compared to previous years.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't the numbers adjusted over time as the stats are updated? Maybe some of the anomalies are being resolved that way.

Anyway, this doesn't sound like the kind of performance we should expect from the "horribly run death camps" we've been hearing about for so long. Sounds like progress is being made.