Pet Tag's KMR kitten formula Kills Hundreds of Animals According to Article

23 Baby Tigers Die

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Wynnewood : OK : USA | Jun 02, 2010
At G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, 23 baby tigers have died over the past seven months. Veterinarians have worked hard with Joe Schreibvogel, the Park director, during this period trying to find the cause of all of the deaths but nothing was found. In an attempt to understand what was happening the park had the tigers tested, the ground tested, and even the workers to see if it could be a disease that was being transferred from one of the sources. Nothing was found.
One week ago, a white male tiger cub died. Schreibvogel, took the body to the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab at OSU. The doctor concluded that the cub likely died from his formula. Schreibvogel gives all of his cubs KMR(Kitten Milk Re-placer a formula made by Pet Ag. On-line, message boards show complaints about KMR across the world.
Pet Ag released a statement earlier this year that stated the FDA dismissed the one complaint that they had received and decided against the investigation. Pet Ag's president also stated that the formula was safe. But, the necropsy report shows otherwise. Schreibvogel stated that the FDA has promised to come to G.W. Exotic Animal Park. They were scheduled to arrive yesterday. They were to collect samples of the formula in question to take and test Schreibvogel's claims. The formula could be responsible for hundreds of deaths at this park alone excluding the cubs. If the formula is tainted, this could cause problems worldwide.
The company Petag lied in their statement. There were nine complaints made to the FDA about the formula. Many animals died. The manufacturer was found responsible. The FDA reports are here Lion, tiger and jaguar kittens have already died from the formula. So have raccoon, opossum, squirrel, skunk and bobcat babies. This is in addition to cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.


Anonymous said...

These deaths are tragic.
What is also tragic is these tigers might have been bred for zoos.

Anonymous said...

WARNING! may not be a safe site to visit.

Brad Jensen

Ed Muzika said...

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Dang, I posted that site and was surfing it for 20 minutes.
What can I do to correct whatever unsafe thing it does?

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Thanks for the heads up Brad. I did a scan and had a bad thing detected.

Leave it to a scamtuary to have that on their site.

Jacqueline Harger/ Caparious said...

I am Caparious. This is tragic really. How a company can continue to make there product when they know that it has the possibility to kill a helpless animal. Wether it be a baby tiger, or a baby kitten. There needs to be a lawsuit against this company. Class Action.

Anonymous said...

I have successfully raised many domestic and wild animals on KMR. I have also gotten spoiled cans of KMR and returned them to the retailer. You have to pay attention to the taste and smell of the powder despite the expiration date.

juli michaud