Bonnie Brown Backs Brenda Barnette; ADL Blasts Heisen

SHAME on those few individuals like Marie Atake, for putting out false rumors, exaggerated allegations and down right lies simply because they are PRIMARY stake holders in Laura Beth Heisen being appointed as General Manager of LAAS. GET OVER IT ALREADY; ADL-LA HAS!

Barnette is MUCH better suited for the job PLUS she has a stellar record of saving 92% of animals from her open door shelter in Seattle. Heisen has never even RUN a shelter in her life, let alone had a success rate of saving 92% of all homeless, lost and feral animals brought to a open door shelter. It's with great sadness that ADL-LA realizes that a few people in LA's humane community can be so venomous, delusional and downright liars for their own personal benefit. 


The LAAS animals if they could speak, would say these few people are KOOKS and they are not to be trusted in any way, shape or form.  

The Mayor and Jim Bickhart have FINALLY done the best thing for the animals of LA and a few disturbed locals in the LA humane community are trying to obstruct that. Don't let down the homeless and lost animals of LA by buying into these ugly and misconstrued rumors by a few people who are mentally unbalanced and simply can't see the 'big picture.'

Believe us when we say that immediately upon hearing that Antonio Villaraigosa announced Barnette as his choice for General Manager of LAAS, ADL-LA spent DAYS even weeks, talking to dozens of individuals who worked/work for Barnette, rescue, volunteer and foster for Barnette. We also spoke to other humane progressive leaders throughout the nation, and everyone we have spoken with agrees that LA is not only LUCKY to have the Mayor choose someone of Barnette's caliber to head up a failed department, but the animals imprisoned inside LAAS are the MOST FORTUNATE RECIPIENTS to have Barnette as General Manager of LAAS. If you sincerely CARE about saving animals lives in LA City you will give your support to Brenda Barnette as General Manager of LAAS.   

Here is just another of the MANY support letters from Bonney Brown, another national No Kill leader, who is well known for her progressive, humane sheltering methods and having a success rate of live saves of over 90%  at her open door shelter.These and the other credible, intelligent and highly respected leaders who have come out in full support of Barnette are the ones you should be listening to. Not some local LA crack pots!

July 9, 2010

Dear Council Members:

I was thrilled when I heard that you had selected Brenda Barnett to be the next General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services.

Brenda has an outstanding track record of success. She worked at the San Francisco SPCA under Richard Avanzino at a time when that agency was a beacon to the nation. Brenda was the director of Pets in Need, a well-respected no-kill shelter in the Bay Area.

In her role as the CEO of the Humane Society of Seattle-King County, Brenda has achieved a 92% save rate.

Her strong leadership in the animal welfare movement was exemplified by her selection to speak at the prestigious University of Florida Shelter Medicine Conference last year. Brenda’s presentation about her impressive foster care program, which placed 3,000 animals in one year, provided a exemplary model for other communities.

If anyone can achieve a great save rate for the animals of Los Angeles, Brenda can!


Bonney Brown
Executive Director
Nevada Humane Society


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, did the ADL check to see if Seattle Humane has or has had any contract agreements to provide animal control and/or shelter services?

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

BoardWatch said...

Wow..that's how you roll? You deleted my comment and your two comments? Okay, then.

Marie Atake said...

My response to ADL:

Dear Pam,

You have resorted yourself to name calling.

As I’ve repeatedly stated, I was not taking sides but only wanted to learn facts about the new GM. As soon as I asked you completely legitimate questions, you started attacking me, instead of answering any of them. All you and your fellows told me was, “Do what I say because I say so.”

You did not do due diligence. That is a fact. You started calling some people to hear their opinions AFTER you endorsed her. But my questions for you were not about their hearsay. I asked for explanations for what are written on Seattle Humane’s website and other documented facts.

If you want people to endorse your conclusion, then you should be able to answer valid questions about your premise.


Ed Muzika said...

I am not posting anymore anonymous posts regarding Barnette's appointment, or utterly repetitious posts from Boardwatch or others who just repeat the same mantras.

Put a name on it. Think of something else to say and prove your alleged facts.

Karen said...

The only thing that could make us any happier for LA is if you took Bonney Brown with her. We are giving away animals free in Reno. Is that the sucess you admire ?
It's in the paper read it for yourself.

Savvy Mom Ruth Paget said...

When you refer to people with mental disabilities as mentally disabled, you have identified your site as a "hate" mongering site.

I have reputed the abuse to Blogger, and I have paper copies ready to send to the National Association of the Mentally Ill.

However, I feel like filing a lawsuit against you for hate crimes and asking for your family's full net worth, so you clean up your language.

Didn't anyone ever teach manners when you were growing up?

Ruth Paget

Ed Muzika said...

The above post was not from me. It is from an ADL email, in its entirety.