Rumor that Barnette is already on city payroll or will be back paid absolutely untrue: CAO

For over a month I have been receiving emails that Brenda Barnette is already on the City payroll, or will be back-paid once starting to her June 17, 2010 appointment date despite Barnette's declaration she is not yet on the City payroll.

The people passing these rumors cite the Mayor's appointment letter stating her appointment was effective June 17, and that her salary review was waived by the EERC as proof she is on the payroll as of today or will receive pay from June 17 at some point.

They cite:

My response to their speculation was that the document only pointed to her time of appointment, not when she actually started and was on the payroll. They refused to accept my argument and held tenaciously to the notion that Barnette is paid as of now.

To settle the issue, I called the City Administrative Office and was eventually connected to Susan Ozawa, who is an analyst in the Employee Relations section  of the City Administrative Office. Ms. Ozawa's phone is: 213 978-7637.

She told me the appointment date has nothing to do with when an employee actually starts receiving money. 

Ms. Ozawa stated that Kathy Davis is still functioning as Acting GM until August 15, 2010,  when Brenda Barnette begins her employment at LAAS.

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Jeff de la Rosa said...

As with all nasty rumors, I think these rumor mongers should be exposed by name, email address or whatever other tag they wear. Whether you approve of Barnette's appointment or not, spreading false rumors is hideous. I should know.

I have publicized facts--not about Barnette-- concerning certain vicious and unscrupulous members of the animal rescue community (if you can call it that). I did that only after verifying the truth and I stand behind those statements with my own name--to this day. Funny, nobody has sued me. That's usually because they cannot deny the truth.

This sort of gossip, rumor-spreading and attempting to disparage someone you don't even know is despicable. Can your hate, people. You make us all look bad.
What makes those of you who engage in this childish back-stabbing think that you are immune from civil prosecution? Soon, some legal papers will be flying around this town and a few of those creeps will be forced to fork out cash for attorneys, etc.

Grow up!

Kudos to you, Ed, for keeping a filter on this kind of dangerous attack.