Jimmy is moving to Sacramento!

He has been offered a job as a caretaker/cook at a restaurant in Sacramento. He has to be off the railroad bridge where he lives in Northridge by August 17, or go to jail.

He is abandoning about 45 cats in about 11 colonies, and can only take three with him.

He needs someone with a small SUV to transport him. My 1989 Camry will go about 5 miles before exploding. He is taking 3 cats in three carriers and minimal personal effects. I'll pay for gas.

We need volunteers to take on the 45 cats left behind. Many need to be spay/neutered. Others have to be re-released and maintained. I support Jimmy's cat food and medication tab at about $120/month, and three others provide about an equal amount. For 45 cats, that is not much.

Who can drive Jimmy?

Harute, who usually takes him to court hearings is ill with chicken pox and then flies to Armenia a week from Friday.

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