ADL Takes Up Fight to Increase Pet Limits; Urges All to Send Letters in Support

Due to threats of legal action by Phyllis Daugherty, I am taking the ADL post sent to me down.


Kianna~ said...

LESLIE DIED TODAY. She was supposed to go home today for Hospice care but didn't make it.

Can you get help for any cats she might have had before she went to hospital?

I hope whoever reported her to AC last year never forgets the damage they caused this poor old woman and her cats. May Karma recompense this person for her evil. actions.


Ed Muzika said...

Leslie Johnston died last Saturday in the hospital. I understand some cats started showing up at others' houses about a week ago in the ear, but I don't know whether they are hers or not.

The rest are going from being boarded locally to Best Friends in Utah.

I am sure the neighbor is happy now that the cats are gone. I am quite sure his conscience genes are defective. You may want to visit his house at 8956 Eames in Northridge to tell him about your displeasure, and also to check out any remaining Leslie cats at 9000 Eames.

Kianna~ said...

Thank you, Ed. Thank you for getting the cats to sanctuary. I am very happy to hear that Leslie got the help she needed and that the cats are in very good hands.

I had an elderly friend who tried to get her cats to BF before she went into a nursing home, but BF didn't want to take them. She used to donate too. I'm glad this isn't the case with Leslie's babes.

I can't go to the address to tell the neighbor about my displeasure, Ed. I'm going to let Karma take care of that. I have come to believe that Karma has it's own justice and its own way of working things out in its own time.

A close friend of Leslie's told us about her today. They used to go to the theatre together and he was going to help out with Hospice care once she went home. I misunderstood about her passing away last Saturday. My husband was going to meet with her friend last Saturday when Leslie was stil in the hospital, but the friend cancelled because he was going to go to see her.

She must have been so worried about her babies. All that went into my ears today when we got the note about her passing was that Leslie was going to go home and then she died.

I'm so very sad and hurt for her, Ed. I'm sure that neighbor is very satisfied with the damage that he did. I don't doubt that his evil actions speeded up Leslie's death. I am so grateful that some of the cats made it to sanctuary. I hope Leslie knew her cats were going to be in good hands before she passed.

RIP, Leslie.

Thank you for giving me her address, Ed. I hadn't seen her in so long

My heart is broken for her.

Thank you, Ed. Thank you. Thank you for letting me know her cats are going to go to a wonderful place and that they have been in wonderful hands all this time. Thank you for looking after her, Ed. Thank you.