Dog Rescuer Arrested because of Animal Services; Lu Parker Reporting

Animal rights advocate Hans Peterson is under arrest after trying to help a dog locked inside of a foreclosed Los Angeles home. Neighbors say when the owners left the home they took everything but the dogs. Taz was in the garage. A puppy was in the house. Next door neighbor Elisa Woods says she worried they were getting hungrier so she called for help.

L.A. Animal Services came with food and water, but they didn’t enter the home. “Possibility the people could come back and then they could turn this around and sue the city,” explained Animal Services Officer Hoang Dinh.

The city is required to give a written warning to the owners before entering the home or removing the dogs. That wasn’t good enough for animal rescuer Hans Petersen.

He entered the home, then came out with a six-month-old puppy. The LAPD arrived moments later and Hans was arrested for interfering with Animal Services as they conducted their duties.

The puppy was taken to to the South LA Animal Shelter, but Taz, the dog in the garage, was left behind.


Unknown said...

Glad to hear both dogs are ok, Hans Peterson is ok, and there is no real damage done. Animal Services overreacted to mr. Peterson's actions and had an out to getting sued by the owners by just waiting to call the police. I think the real reason they called so quickly before he could even get the second dog out is because they didn't like someone ignoring their authority. George

Anonymous said...

Who called the press to report on this? It seems sort of odd that they showed up at the same time Hans was breaking into someone's home.

Ttelle said...

Hello mate nice ppost