EMERGENCY--Approximately 25 Starving Cats, Grenada Hills by the 118 Freeway

Someone had been feeding these cats. There are about 8-9 pure Siamese cats and kittens, and two Maine Coons. There are a total of 10 adults and about 15 or 16 kittens between the ages of five and tweleve weeks old. They are located on either side of Gaynor where it runs into the 118 Freeway from the South. The cats are located on the South side of the Freeway, on either side of Gaynor. Both side have fencing with human sized holes to feed the cats. Only dried up and ant covered food is there, but no fresh. Whomever was feeding seems to have disappeared. This is an emergency.

Gaynor is located between Woodley and Haskell, and the feeding locations are two blocks North of Chatsworth Street where Gaynor runs into the Freeway.

Left Click TWICE on photo below to enlarge map or photo.

Click on link, then click on the orange "A" and zoom in. Then use "street view" for closeups of food plates. Most cats are now on the West side of the street.

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