Alley Cat Allies Action Alert Opposing CA Measure Attacking Feral Caretakers

I have not read the law itself. This is posted as is.

CA bill targets outdoor cats and pets of low-income families

Dear Edward,
We need your help today! As early as tomorrow, the California Assembly will vote on S.B. 250, a bill harmful to cats. Thanks to your calls and emails, we successfully urged the Assembly to vote this bill down last summer. But the bill is back up for consideration, and it is just as bad now as it was last year. We need you to urge the California Assembly to stop this bill once again.
S.B. 250 is bad for cats:
  • The bill targets people who care for stray and feral cats. Any caregiver unable to trap and neuter a cat would be labeled a lawbreaker under the bill. Cat caregivers should be encouraged, not threatened with violating the law. By discouraging feral cat care, the bill could actually send more feral cats to pounds and shelters. Feral cats are not adoption candidates, so being sent to a shelter is a death sentence.
  • The bill also targets low-income families and their pets. A recent peer-reviewed study by Alley Cat Allies found that among low-income owners of intact pet cats, cost was one of the main obstacles to spaying and neutering. But the bill does nothing to lower the cost or expand the availability of spay/neuter services.
  • According to the California Department of Finance, the bill would cause more owners to surrender their animals. This would increase spending costs to state and local governments for the impoundment, care, and killing of more animals.
Take action today! Tell the California Assembly that this bill would hurt cats, harm caregivers and owners, and unnecessarily cost California money.

Alley Cat Allies


Anonymous said...

Alley cat allies is wrong. More info here. Nathan must be behind this

Owned house cats that live outdoors must be neutered. That's already the law in LA City. It does not cover feral cats. Feral cats are not house cats. The law specifically says "house cats." This is how the bill lost last time. Nathan Winograd putting lies in the feral cat people's heads so they'd vote it down. He is against mandatory spay and neuter because he's friendly with breeders. Any sane person without an agenda would want all animals neutered.

Ed Muzika said...

I don't trust Ally Cats advice. They don't post an URL to let me read the actual legislation. The previous commenter should be given good consideration.

Anonymous said...

link to the legislation: