Rosendahl Reverses Reversal; Five Dog Limit Increase is Back

The following was sent to me by ADL. I cannot attest to the truth of any of their statements of alleged facts except Daughtery's public record stating the increase could or would have a strong negative impact on a neighborhood, including property values. Again, I must be careful about what I post because of threats of a lawsuit by Phyllis Daugherty. I have edited their post to remove a few words. I will take any further legal action against me as an attempt to suppress my own First Amendment rights.

UPDATE: Councilmember Rosendahl heard YOUR calls!! This just proves what a UNITED andINVOLVED humane community can do to help save the lives of our shelter animals' imprisoned inside LAAS. Those of you who called should give yourselves a PAT ON THE BACK FOR A JOB WELL DONE!
Rosendahl sent a revised letter to the LAAS Commissioners (cc'd to Councilmember Greig Smith head of the Public Safety Committee) going back to his ORIGINAL proposal file number 10-0982 of increasing the number of cats and dogs in the city of LA from three to five. We have asked for the PDF link to Rosendahl's most recent letter from Rosendahl's office and we hope to get it by tomorrow so we can forward it on to you. 
Councilmember Paul Koretz (who was the one to 'second' this proposal by the 'Mover'- Councilmember Rosendahl) has NEVER wavered from the original proposal! Councilmember Koretz wants to keep the proposal as ONE SINGLE proposal including BOTH cats and dogs. This is the moral and ethical thing to do and this is what YOU MUST DEMAND. 
If the proposal is split into two separate proposals the DOGS will surely lose. This is because Phyllis has scared some councilmembers into believing that [as one of our readers posted to ADL-LA] "I'm really pissed the city is listening to Phyllis. Yeah, dogs are conspiring to form Gangs to attack & rape kids when school is out if the animal limit is increased."
We have heard that because of Phyllis's fear of dogs bringing her property value down, there are more council members right now who would be willing to vote for cats to be increased, leaving the poor doggies stuck inside the shelters and then killed against their will because of Councils reluctance to save the lives of dogs by TWO per household! This is LUDICROUS!

From Phyllis' Protest:

Property owners who might have neighbors with a large amount of animals that create a nuisance or health/safety risk and negatively impact the quality of live and property values in the community.

One of the reasons Rosendahl's office claimed to ADL-LA that he wrote the amended letter to Public Safety asking them to keep the dog limit the same as it is now was because he believed that the proposal for a cat increase would move through the city council more quickly.

OUR response was that ADL-LA and the humane community would rather have BOTH dog AND cat limits raised in one simple uncomplicated proposal; even if it is more of a challenge for it to pass. As a UNITED FRONT the humane community will demand what is fair and just for BOTH cats and dogs and WE WILL WIN! We added that Rosendahl cannot choose to help cats while at the same time 'selling out' our homeless and stray dogs because of the unfounded fear induced by some crazy lady.
We leave you AND Councilmember Rosendahl with this quote regarding his reasoning of the 'cat proposal' moving through Council faster-which we believe is the old 'expedience' excuse with this quote from Dr. King: 


“Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' But conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right.”

In this case however the ORIGINAL proposal file number 10-0982 IS POPULAR with the humane community and the public of the City of Angels. The City must see this by YOUR calls and e-mails that the ORIGINAL proposal file number 10-0982 should be passed as is, and that it's a NO BRAINER for anyone who cares about saving the lives of our shelter animals!  
We will let you know who to call and/or e-mail and when in our Action Alerts regarding this proposal. 
REMEMBER: If you want your support of the increase in BOTH cat and dog limits from three to five to be part of the public record, you MUST FAX or E-MAIL John White asking him to attach what you write to the record. Mr. White's Fax number is 213 978-1079 and his e-mail is . The file number is 10-0982. You don't have to Fax AND E-mail, just one or the other. Mr. White will then make YOUR communication part of the record. It's as easy at that!  Then you can go to and you'll see on your upper right, a link to letters of communications (and in Phyllis's case PROTESTS) and the like.

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