A Lot of Protests Against the Pet Increase are Going into the Council File

These are the kinds of nonsense protests going into the Council file 10-0982 opposing the pet limit increase. Do your part and email Paul Koretz stating you support the measure. Ask for it to be put in Council File 10-0982. Also send to John White: john.white@lacity.org

-----Original Message-----
From: Shark
To: Pl'IuI.Koretz@lacity.org
Sent: Tue, Sep 21,201011:57 am
Subject: Proposal to increase # pets per household.
Dear Councilman Koretz,
I write you today in response to the proposal you and Councilman Rosendahl have introduced, intended
to expand the allowable number of household pets to 5 each = up to 10 cats and dogs per residence.
Although I understand and have empathy for the humanitarian reasons you've introduced this bill, the
practicalities of it abridge my basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With the advent of a
larger number unknown personalities living under one roof, you have no idea what chaos may ensue.
There very well may be a howler, barker, biter, or disease carrier moving in next door. Maybe 5 of them?
The people whoadopt these animals are not vetted. Some are cruel and will see this opening as an
opportunity to treattheir newly adopted pets inhumanely, like starving them or beating them or leaving
them alone all day while they cry for attention and disturb neighbors.
I understand you mean well, in the meantime, please take into account that many people will be impacted
adversely by this proposal.
Lorelei snarx
Secretary, BWHA
343 N. Alfred Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Kim said...

There are many recent protest letters in the file and not enough supporting letters. I've done my part and written a support letter for inclusion. I urge anyone in support to write an email ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

BWHA is a home owners'association.
They can impose their own limits.

Kim said...

Just thought you should all know....I have written 2 letters to the city council and copied John White, Paul Koretz and Bill Rosendahl each time. Neither of my support letters have made into the file. I also know 2 people who have also written support letters. Their letters have not been added to the file either. It seems they are only adding protest letters.

Ed Muzika said...

Kim, you did ask for it to be included in Council file 10-0982, especially the email to John White?

Kim said...

Hi Ed,
Sure did! The subject line on both of my emails definitely did. I even got response letters back from the council members. I am thinking of putting together an email with all my sent emails and emailing them again.