Tracy Thomas of Coreland Says the Proceutor Made a Deal With Their Lawyers

Tracy Thomas, a real estate manager at Coreland, explained to me that they, Coreland, worked out a deal with the prosecutor to turn title of Jimmy's bridge over to Coreland instead of the County.

Mary Cummins did an extensive investigation of ownership rights to the bridge and determined that the bridge reverted to whomever owned the land after the easement became inactive, which it did in 1976 I believe. Jimmy's lawyers in the past also believed the property legally reverted to the County and thought Jimmy could win.

But apparently Coreland wanted the bridge and Jimmy was on it. If it were private land as Coreland now contends, Jimmy could claim squatters rights in about 18 months. 

But no, this is America, and allegedly, according to Thomas, a deal was worked out with the prosecutor, who one of Jimmy's previous attorneys called a slime ball. That would be Apraham Atteunenian wherein ownership was turned over to Coreland. It is Coreland that wants the cats to go. Tracy said because you can't have cats on the same property as restaurants. But you can't have animals INSIDE the restaurant, outside is not illegal. Besides, a sandwich shop and a yogurt shop over 200 feet away? Come on, it was a plain land grab.

The case is now settled so I can do a Request For Public Records to get the details of this case out into the open.


Marc said...

Maybe they would prefer mice and rats in the neighborhood of their sacred restaurant? Who do they think will move in when the cats move out???

Mary Cummins said...

I will check title to see if they really turned over the land to them. It is something that would take months and need county supervisors approval. They would also need new insurance. I think these people may be lying.