The Animal Rights Movements and Big Business

Back in the olden times, I was a leftist quasi revolutionary in mind but not action, only concerned with ending the war in Vietnam. I was an extremely liberal Democrat.

Since 1968, the US has drifted rightward, until the present, almost laissez-faire corporate capitalism mindset, which I detest. I saw decreasing evidence of any leftward momentum. Then I bumped into ALF and ADL and perceived them as perhaps the vanguard for change that I had been hoping for.

But recently I began to see them in a different light.

Not only are they anti-shelter types, but I perceive them as not giving the slightest bit about the welfare of animals except in the broadest theoretic sense. They perceive themselves as the vanguard of a radical social change, and as such, have adopted the mindset of revolutionaries more interested in the process of change than in the purported mission of animal rights and liberation. Many are positioning themselves as leaders of this revolution. For many, the interest is only power.

Others are very cynically banding together with monied interests, i.e., big business, to bolster their accomplishments, enhance public recognition, and get their people in positions of power which will enhance their own power as kingmakers and animal overlords.

In a sense, more power to them. But people who support these groups need to recognize whether they are more interested in saving the lives of animals or in social change via the animal rights/humane movements.

I think their anti-shelter bias and belief that they could run them better than trained and compassionate shelter personnel is worrisome. I think turning shelter operations over to these non-experienced groups will kill thousands of animals just in LA before they learn the job, if they ever do.

They also overlook the problem of the present shelter personnel who will do everything to stop them. It will be a bloodbath for the animals and the only winners will be those who get government contracts.

From now on I will include postings about what is happening nationally and more especially locally along these lines, especially connections between the ADLLA and a local for-profit organization that wants to get rid of Ed Boks.

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