A Note From Nathan Winograd

Received from Nathan Winograd a few days ago.

I completely concur with his assessment of the situation here:

There is a politics of personal destruction going on in L.A. that makes George Bush and Karl Rove look like school boys. I have no doubt that most of the players are Democrats, but they act like Republicans. Destroy others. I'll tell you Ed, this is a no win situation for anybody, least of all the animals.

--Nathan Winograd

Nathan is entirely correct.

At this point I promise I will not make any further personal attacks of any sort, even if I am personally attacked. I will only respond to ADLLA posts or articles written about Ed Boks or LAAS, or if new and highly relevant information is brought to my attention.

I would hope all others will adopt such a stance. It is time to wind down the bitterness.

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