Boks Blog Saves Taxpayers Money

Mariel Garza, Daily News, wrote the following:

Los Angeles' finest rolled out their blog earlier this month as part of a $238,000 redesign of the department Web site. (Apparently the LAPD brass doesn't know about the free Blogspot. Oh, well. It's only taxpayer money.)

Through the blog, the department is reaching out to the people it once oppressed with "real-time, unfiltered information" from the men and women doing the hard work of keeping the city safe-ish. Wow. I'm sold.

LAPD isn't the first Los Angeles bureaucracy to hit the blog waves. Ed Boks has had a blog since he came to town more than six months ago to head the troubled Animal Services Department. Considering how avidly the "animal advocacy community" follows the doings in that department, and how it has run out a series of general managers in recent years, this blog makes some sense.

Note that Boks's Blogspot blog--as is mine--is free. Told you Boks was a pathfinder.

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