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A month or so ago Annette Stark suggested that Ed Boks and I wrote our separate blogs from the same computer because both had the same IP address. She was quite insistent upon finding the location of the unknown computer suggesting, that perhaps since we were both named Ed, we had the same IP address.

Ed Boks and I thoughtfully pointed out that the IP belonged to the blog host server at, not the client computers the blogs were uploaded from.

Well, she couldn't let it alone and more recently suggested it was inappropriate for Boks to have his blog posted on a third-party server as opposed to a City server. I am not sure why she felt this way. - Google's blog-hosting subsidiary - is a trusted, is free and, in my experience, utterly reliable.

There is no need for Animal Services or the City's IT department to buy blogging software, install and maintain it at taxpayers’ expense when such services are available for free.

Perhaps she wants taxpayers to pay for a City-maintained blog so that she could hold every City official within shouting distance responsible for the comments of one department head. She was very concerned about taxpayers in Phoenix and NYC, why not so much here?

Well, now she has a new target to attack, if she dares. Our own Police Chief, William Bratton, has his own blog, and it is not hosted on a city server either! Its address is:

Typepad is a company funded by a venture capital corporation, August Capital, using software developed by Six Apart Software. This is totally a private entity.

Perhaps she could forward to the Chief her used emails addressed to Ed Boks, regarding her theories of the inappropriateness of using an independent server for Chief Bratton to talk about his department and answer his critics (which is exactly what he intends to do, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times).

Looks like Boks has gone from being a punching bag to being a pathfinder.

Why is it that Annette finds anything Boks does is wrong? She didn’t used to think that way. Her first article was quite positive about how he seized the initiative and the positive feedback she got when she called NYC. What happened? A lot of other people were positive too and suddenly changed their minds when several self-appointed animal overlords began spewing insults at about the same time she launched her crusade. A lot of other people have suddenly melted away in the background, disclaiming any responsibility. This is all kind of suspicious, isn’t it? Stay tuned.

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