Cats Given Short End of the Stick at LAAS-correction


Dogs are held much longer in the shelters than cats leading to their much higher live release rates.

If you look at the animals on hand in the shelters, and the average length of stay, You will find that cats are killed more quickly and have higher kill numbers.

Of the cats on hand today, only 5% were brought in before January 1, while 11% of all dogs were impounded before January 1.

Of the cats alive now, 92% came in during the past 30 days, while it was 75% for dogs. Dogs are being held much longer and therefore have a higher adoption rate. If you look at the numbers alive and impounded in the shelters today, there are almost 4 dogs for every cat, even though only 2-1/2 more dogs were brought in than cats.

This discrimination against cats is even more apparent when you know that only 1,538 cats were impounded in December-January, but over 4,000 dogs. There were fewer cats, they were kept a shorter length of time and they were killed more quickly.

LAAS discriminates against cats.

I understand Boks is primarily a dog person and shelter personnel prefer working with dogs because the cats bite and scratch and cannot be polled. Is this the reason—selective attention and care?

This has resulted in a euthanasia rate of 40% for cats and 23% for dogs during December-January.

During the summer there are far more unweaned kittens than dogs, but this does not apply to the December-January months.

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