Inaction at LAAS--Ammended numbers re cat saves

Boks hase not had a post on his blog in 20 days. Over six weeks have passed since January 1, and there is no GM report. The LAAS website hasn't had an update during the past month except for the January stats. Has the department gone underground?

Stuckey had an 11% improvement in the euth stats during his first year, while Greenwalt had 39% in three years. Boks had 11% in his first year in New York. What's wrong?

A brief analysis of the January LAAS numbers indicates:

The save rate for “Other” animals dropped from 65% to 51%;

The save rate for cats dropped from 65% to 60%;

The save rate for dogs rose from 71% to 74%.

Ignoring the rabbit numbers which I do not fully understand, 140 fewer animals were saved this January compared to January 2006, even while total impounds dropped by 133.

The total number euthanized dropped by 125, about the same number of fewer impounds.

95 more dogs were saved this year, 89 fewer cats were saved and 140 fewer “other” animals were saved.

Given minor variations for stolen, DOA, escaped, etc., in total, 140 fewer animals were saved than last year.

Therefore, January 2007 has not been a good month for LAAS. When can we expect the new and improved LAAS to substantially kill fewer animals and save more?

I do note that Winograd claims the cats saved stats for 2006 in Philadelphia was 65%. This was way up from the 88% euthanasia rate the year before. This is an enormous change in one year. I'd like to see the raw statistics for verification, and if Philly did it, how did they do it?

LAAS also had a 60-65% save rate for cats December-January. Of course, this is the off-season kill rate. LAAS saves percentage for the year was 38%!

Things will get much worse in May.

I’d like to follow Philly’s save rate for 2007 to see if it maintains, drops or increases. There are a lot of people who claim Winograd's methodolgy will not work in larger shelter systems, so we need the entire stats. I think I'll do a request for public records.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you haven't heard from Boks because he is busy working for a change instead of going out with politician buddies or "rescuettes." He used to say he worked 100 hour weeks, but everyone knew he left work at the same time they left themselves or earlier.

Anonymous said...

Same leadership, different area of the country. Mostly hot air and skewed statistics. The change working for is more salary. You'll find out soon enough these are the very self serving. They go out drinking. They lay guilt trips on rescuers. They live with no pet or maybe one pet. The real work is like that of a parent; everyday caring for the displaced. That is the hardest job along with the frontline first responders in every area.