Horror at LA County Shelters--LAAS

Truly horrifying euthanasia statistics from the LA County shelters. For 2005, cat kill rate 79% and dog kill rate of 46%. That year, 46,573 cats and dogs were killed or 140% more than LAAS. The red part of the circle indicates the number killed.

If you look at the LAAS red list, the hold time is about three weeks now before they are at high risk of being killed.

Horror at LAAS--a resuer's heartbreaking narative:

When I first started volunteering at the shelter I had a fear I might want to bring them all home. But there are just so many animals that it's overwhelming. You feel like your work is just a drop in a bucket or a single grain of sand on the beach. Knowing what you and I know about their chances of being adopted, it's depressing sometimes to even just look at their photos. I look at them knowing that they will probably die. I would have to work to stay positive in the shelters.

I actually cried my first day watching people just dump their animals.This one pretty white shephard was so frightened, shaking, drooling, peeing on itself, crying, whining as the owner dumped him. The dog kept trying to follow the owner but was dragged down the hallway to checkin by the ACO. An hour later I saw this once clean and pretty white shephard in his cage. He'd been attacked by other dogs, had diarrhea on himself, was shaking and his chest was totally covered in drool. They had to euthanize the dog the next hour when he was attacked again by the two pit bulls in his cage. A fate worse than death.

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Anonymous said...

Leaving a dog in a kennel with other dogs that are attacking the dog is ANIMAL CRUELTY. "Shelter" kennel staff are suppose to be trained in and exercising kennel management. Otherwise, why the hell are they employed there? You say the dog was attacked TWICE. Leaving an injured dog in a kennel with two aggressive dogs is ANIMAL CRUELTY. Leaving any injured dog in a kennel with other dogs is outright cruel. Anyone ever heard of predatory aggression? What about veterinary care? This neglect and cruelty is sick. If a pet owner did this they would be prosecuted. This cruel act of neglect is not an indication that killing the dog in the end was a humane, redeemable action. The non-sadistic action would have been to remove the dog from the kennel after the first sign of aggression from other dogs. At that point the dog should have received medical attention if needed. Leaving the poor dog in a kennel with two aggressive dogs is despicable.