Email from Winograd

(This is in a response to an email I sent to Nathan re applyig for Michelson's Found Animal Friends CEO position.)

Hi Ed,

I did not apply but to contact Liz (Fanning re: the CEO position at Found Animals Friends) and gave her a couple of prospects. I am not looking for work, regardless of the circumstances. I have a job, which I find fulfilling, and working with places all over the country allows me to maximize the potential for No Kill. Philly is at 65% lifesaving from 88% killing, Charlottesville is now No Kill, other places are improving. Reno, NV will be next, and then maybe Baltimore.

The article you forwarded by Dr. Jan Scarlett citing Dr. Levy's work is the state of the art. Dr. Levy is the nation's lead researcher. She is out of the Univ of Florida at Gainesville. Dr. Scarlett is probably the best veterinary epidemiologist out there. She is at Cornell. I have worked with both of them, in fact, Jan was on my board of directors for a number of years. You can't do better than their work. Keep in mind that surgical spay/neuter is still the gold standard, though a group I am on the advisory board of, had great success using Neutersol on free roaming dogs in the Galapagos.


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