Drop in Killing Almost Totally Due to Refusing Kittens

LAAS began refusing neonates during late April. When the May numbers came out, we were all in shock; euth had fallen by almost 500. This is when Boks surprised me at the Town Hall meeting when I was standing next to him on camera and he pointed to the 12 month kill numbers for June-May: 18,100.

I just about peed my pants because the kill number for calendar 2006 was well over 19,000 and we knew there was no real improvement in performance at LAAS, except for Ed's ever increasing ability to hide the truth.

We struggled for a while to find how this radical change was taking place. Ed wasn't publishing neonate kitten numbers after May, but he did publish the neonate puppies. Guess he figured no one important looking at the numbers, for example, Blackman, would be able to subtract.

To get kittens, you just had to subtract puppies from the total. I could do that.

Finally, Ed has published the neonate kitten numbers. The numbers prove that almost all the drop in killing was from failure to do his job: Finding homes for animals. He just refused their intake.

Here are the numbers:

May -473 euth May -231 intake

June -470 euth June -429 intake

July -565 euth July -519 intake

Aug -606 euth Aug -576 intake

The decreased kitten impounds explain 90% of the drop in euthanasia.

On top of that, the number of kittens dying in the shelter doubled. Instead of being officially killed, they unofficially died.

On top of that, LAAS stopped taking in ferals, but since he does not keep feral numbers, we don't know how many cats that means.

Brad Jensen analyzed LA County stats and they did have figures for ferals. They were 23% of total cat intake.

With 20,000 cat being impounded, that means over 4,000 would be feral. Since he was refusing both kittens and ferals, it is a wonder any cat was killed. That there were still so many killed means that this was an extraordinarily large increase in kitten births, and by kitten, I mean those over 2 months old who statistically become cats.

There was no real improvement


Anonymous said...

Boks likes to say that LA Animal Services is an open admittance shelter that takes in all animals.It's not. They are now like private shelters. They only take in what they want to take in. They don't take in animals that would be euthanized. Boks is doing this to manipulate the numbers so it looks like he's improving when he's not. Refusing animals is not progress. Any of his predecessors could have done that.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong, Ed?

Anonymous said...

Does Irene Ponce know you are slandering her by claiming to know she is Son of Naysayer?

Where is the apology?

Son of Naysayer