Preliminary August Statistics

As per usual, Boks spinned the August stats in a way that made him and the department look like they were the greatest thing since St. Francis.

Below is my unspin of his numbers.

The trend down in killing cats and dogs continues. However, almost all can be explained by refusing to impound neonates and feral cats.

Ed still does not publish neonatal cat stats and has not since May. Therefore, the casual reader would only see the drop in stats of 2,050 of unweaned kittens and puppies during August, which would fool simpletons like Blackman and the mayor who does not give a shit, into believing real progress has been made, although, by this time they must realize Boks’ number have as little credibility as a non-aggression pact with Hitler.

Though neonatal killing is down by 2,050, impounds are down by 1,800, explaining almost all.

However, more are dying in the shelter than last year. New Hope is down 70% by about 100, while foster are up by about 100. They roughly cancel each other out.

So, like usual, the numbers in and out for neonatals is off by 200. Since they don’t survive long in the shelter, why there is the discrepancy is never explained. They are just unaccounted for.

Unbelievably, for Other Animals, during August, the number that died in the shelter shot up from 65 to 670, or a 1,000% increase! Of course, the fewer that die in the shelter subtracts from the 650 that would have been euthed anyway over the next few months. But why did ten times as many die in August?

In fact, the combined DIS and Euth numbers are larger than the impounds, and so instead of a live release of 44% or so, the live release for August for Other Animals actually went negative. The live release for them was -14%!! That is, of every 100 live that came in, 114 did not leave live again.

Tell our jerky mayor that euth is way down because impounds are way down. LAAS is just not doing its job. As I said before, I approve of not impounding because they will not be killed. A good percentage will be killed by the person who would have surrendered them or would be abandoned by some roadside. Not a good way to go. Many of the others will become feral cats causing more problems next year. But in the meantime, Ed's numbers are down and the press and the mayor love it.


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