Who is the Biggest of them all?

Today is the tenth day since Brad Jensen submitted a request for public records regarding the alleged four sets of numbers County gave Boks regarding the “adoption” of animals, and WHEN County gave these numbers to him.

Marcia Mayeda said no one in LAAS ever contacted County about animal disposition numbers. That is, Ed is a liar—unless he has those emails between LAAS and the County, dated, as well as the four sets of numbers. So, which do you think he fears most, being found that he was wrong, or publicly outed as a liar?

I think we all know there never was any contact or communication. Ed said there was, Mayeda said not.


In his September 17 blog post he said:

Ed Boks has never claimed to be the biggest or the best, but he does like to boast about the employees, volunteers and rescue partners of LA Animal Services.

However, in his bio on the main LAAS website he says:

"Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in Phoenix, Arizona became the largest pet adoption agency in the United States, under Ed’s leadership, adopting 22,000 pets into loving homes every year, and Ed established the first municipal no-kill shelter in the United States." Hmm, no mention of volunteers or employees here.

In his “About me” section on his blog, after Mayeda said the mayor was wrong, Ed edited it slightly saying:

"Maricopa County became one of the largest pet adoption agencies in the United States adopting nearly 22,000 pets into loving homes every year. Ed also established the first municipal no-kill shelter in the United States while in AZ."

So, Maricopa went from being the largest, to one of the largest.

Also from his blog, in “about me” he says:

"Ed Boks was executive director of both Maricopa County and New York City Animal Care & Control, the two largest animal care and control programs in the United States each rescuing over 50,000 lost pets, exotic, and wild animals annually."

Here we go again about him being head of the two "largest," yet he knows County is at 80,000 animals and counting.

Despite this, he now says LAAS is the largest adoption agency in the country because he says County is lying about its numbers. So which is the largest: Ed Boks’ New York shelter system? Maricopa shelter system? Los Angeles Animal Services, or LA County Animal services?

Wouldn't it be a shocker if Ed actually did have emails from the County and could provide those fours sets of numbers? Well, if he doesn't come through, soon all of Council, the City Attorney, Dov Lessel and maybe a few attorneys will know there were no emails and no mysterious numbers from County.

Who says Ed doesn’t like bragging about being number 1?

By the way, did you notice, NYC and Maricopa "rescued" over 50,000 animals, but only 22,000 were adopted. Well, doesn't that mean 28,000 "rescued" animals died? That is some pretty crappy rescuing..


Anonymous said...

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA

A response was received by LA City on Friday, September 21, 2007. Whether your announcement that LA County had responded to your request the day before had anything to do with it is up for interpretation.

The City responds by saying there is no written correspondence between City and County Animal Services regarding this issue however the City had several phone conversations with the custodian of records on staff at County.

So apparently, neither agency is going to give up any documented proof that four sets of adoption numbers were ever provided to the City without someone specifically asking for what may or may not exist. Could be just some numbers scribbled on a sticky note for all anyone knows.

So... Lacking any credible documentation to substantiate the City's claim that four sets of increasing adoption numbers were provided by County I feel the City's claims should be dismissed as quickly as Boks has dismissed County claims they place more animals than City.

The Official Response from LAAS dated September 21, 2007

Mr. Jensen

Pursuant to your CPRA request of September 11, 2007, the following information is forwarded for your information.

There is no written correspondence between the LA City Department of Animal Services and LA County Animal Care and Control regarding this issue of adoption numbers, including the four sets of increasing adoption numbers provided by the County.

We are pleased to provide you with the following information, however, as a courtesy.

LAAS staff contacted the LA County's custodian of records office on August 8th for the information. There were several conversations with the custodian of records staff on August 8th and a call back by them on August 9th. All communications were by telephone.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Animal Services.

Ross Pool, Management Analyst II
Custodian of Records
LA Department of Animal Services
221 North Figueroa Street, 5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Anonymous said...

Certain things have come to light, and it's in everyone's interest if I am not associated with you and the ADL.

Remember that I warned you that who is the General Manager is irrelevant, until city council decides to enforce the laws. The GM cannot make citizens spay/neuter, keep their dogs confined and cats indoors. As more people move here from other cultures that do not spend money on animals, you will see the problems increase and there's nothing Nathan or Laura Beth can do. The poor animals will continue to suffer, while you babble on about phony statistics and he said/she said trivialities.