My Picks for President

Time to get political. Rich McLellan and Mike Bell have been telling us that for years.

Well, we are 13 months away from the election.

For animal people, Clinton and Obama are no-nos and Biden a possibility

Biden has taken some strong pro animal stands, such as against canned hunting. Of course, that might be because Cheney shot a friend on one of these "hunts."


WASHINGTON, DC – A key U.S. Senate panel gave its stamp of approval today to a bill that would ban the unsportsmanlike practice of hunting and killing exotic animals in fenced-in enclosures. The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s (D-DE) Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act which seeks to prevent cruel and inhumane "canned hunts" by making it illegal to kill an exotic animal within the confines of a specified enclosure for trophy or sport.


Barack Obama like most Illinois politicians has a cozy relationship with unionbuster
McDonald's which he has praised. His wife is a spokesperson for vivisection as a VP
of Univ of Chicago Hospitals.


Hillary Clinton helped make Don Tyson the nation's biggest butcher of cows, pigs and chickens. She invested in cattle futures. She has publicly endorsed the brutal
Heifer Int'l projects in which baby animals are shipped alone overseas to slavery and death. Clinton served on the animal abusing WalMart board. She has voted for vivisector money.

My own favorite candidate is Dennis Kucinich. We were both in politics at the same time in Cleveland. He became mayor and I became sane and left Cleveland.


"As a member of Congress, I have cosponsored every piece of major animal protection legislation. In addition, I hold the distinction of being the only vegan in Congress.

I made this lifestyle change many years ago, because I consider all life on our Earth to be sacred. As a vegan, I choose not to eat any animals or animal products. I strive to live my life in accordance with my convictions, and any other choice of diet would defy my ideals and, in my judgment, be hypocritical."


Well, if you want to waste your time volunteering, do so for Dennis or Biden. Both are at about 2%. Maybe you should support Biden because he looks like Jerry Brown, who is Vegan. (Joke). Then again, if a Dem becomes pres, Brown, as California's Attorney General may have a chance at becoming the nation's attorney general.

My point is that it is important to get political. Because we haven't been, we got Hahn/Stuckey and Villaraigosa/Boks. Nobody pays much attention to the LA animal Community except Boks and Bickhart. Everyone tells us to play it cool and don't piss off the mayor. If we were cool, he would be afraid of pissing us off. But we are not and he isn't.

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