Rosendahl Turns Against Boks

Councilman Bill Rosendahl, considered one of the staunchest allies of Villaraigosa, is slowly backing away on at least one issue: the city's Department of Animal Services.

Rosendahl this past weekend saluted the work of former Commissioner Marie Atake at a pet adoption event, saying Atake has brought many concerns to him about the operation of the department by General Manager Ed Boks.

"I haven't taken a position on that part yet," Rosendahl said. "But the animal rights community knows it has a friend in me. And, I was very sorry to see Marie quit the department."

Atake resigned from the post because of concerns over the information Boks was providing the commission. She also said she felt pressure from the Mayor's Office.

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Anonymous said...

Rosendthal, Zine have publicly spoken against boks. the other council people chewed him out in city council for huge mistakes he made. yet, the mayor supports him. go figure