Mason Kitten Kill Probably 37 not 25

When I said a total of 25 kittens were killed, I had not added the 12 that were killed three days previously, the ones who allegedly tested positive for panleukemia. maybe not all of these were killed.Therefore, of the 51 cats and kittens "rescued, 37 were killed for nothing; they were weaned, in the process of being weaned, or had colds. How is that for "rescue?" How is that for telling Bartholomew they were medically treated and placed with fosters?

Is euthanasia considered medical treatment? Were any of the kittens spared? Why did they tell Dana they were placed in fosters? Is the department, like most city government agencies, so conditioned to lying that they are unable to tell the truth?

When I lived in Santa Monica, city officials lied for no reason; it was as if lying was in their blood and they needed constant practice.

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