Ron Mason Innocent of Animal Neglect

As an bit of evidence that Ron Mason was set up, he just called and said he found additional vet records that show that of the 14 adults taken into custody by Animal Services, 12 had been /spay/neutered and all had their shots. The records go back more than 3 years. Records show Muffin needs a booster shot at this time. One cat had a surgical pin inserted in his leg 3 years ago after Ron found him in the street hit by a car.

How is that for felony animal neglect?

Animal Services' rescuers killed 37 kittens, 12 because of botched virus testing and 25 for colds and being neonatal, while they were being weaned and treated by Mason with Amoxi. That is a 73% kill rate for Animal Services.

How is that for "rescue" and how is that for felony animal neglect by the City?

Dana Bartholomew was told the cats would be treated for non-existent diseases and placed with fosters. Instead, they were misdiagnosed and killed.

Felony animal neglect charges must be dropped.

It is not a felony or even a misdemeanor to live in debris and foul odors. It is a nuisance for the neighbors and some intervention by the City or County Health was needed, but not a bust with 5 agencies and 30 people, followed by an arrest and charges of felony animal neglect.

What a city. Rumor has it that Boks has been accused of lying, providing false numbers and responsible for animal abuse for animals in the shelters. Why are they called "shelters" again?


Anonymous said...

They should drop charges against him. They made some big mistakes. If he had an attorney, the city would lose

Anonymous said...

That's awful. Somebody ought to do something.
At least Ron is innocent.