Know a Lawyer?

We (a bunch of us) have contacted several lawyers to determine whether there could be a big lawsuit against the city in this case. I/we have been sending particulars about the case to several lawyers, none of whom have responded. There are more we have to contact. If you know any, email me at

Brad Jensen, whose website is, and who has analyzed numbers that prove LAAS has been in violation of the Hayden Act in over 100 cases (and which Boks has admitted, but excused them as compassionate exceptions), will begin to do what Brad does very well: submit requests for public records.

I will keep you constantly informed if any request is honored. I will send emails regarding compliance. We'll see how transparent Boks still is.

I made a request for records 18 months ago for anyone who had requested records of my emails to Boks when we were friendly. No answer yet. There is a big fat penalty for not responding. We are about to go forward on this too.

Let's see how Brad's requests fair. The same lawyer who defends Mason, has us as research assistants.

Here is what Brad will request:

I'll submit a request for copies of the call log, dispatch log, ACO notes,photographs and/or digital images, veterinary notes and records, kennel notes, date and time of euthanasia and copies of any and all improper euthanasia reports related to each of these cats.-brad

Go for it Brad!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys are on the case. We are behind you and Mr. Mason!