Mason Set Up by LAAS? Looks That Way More and More

Ron Mason set-up by LAAS and Animal Cruelty Task Force.

Substantiating evidence of a setup bust of Ron Mason in a comment below.

Indeed, Mason asked the department for help with the 30 kittens in his yard. They took a fraction the day before the bust:

That is horrible, absolutely horrible. The City is guilty here.

Sounds like the guy asked them to take some cats, but they didn't. Boks kitten refusal program at work. They even gave him bottle baby supplies!Lt. Troy Boswell is not the nicest guy. He likes to pretend to be a big shot. I bet he and Boks called the media. They raided that guy as a PR stunt to help feed Boks' attention needing ego.

I remember Boswell when he was a Wildlife Officer. He used to go around and scare residents saying coyotes would eat their babies.

They should be going after abusers, dog fighters, people who beat their animals. They should be doing their job and helping people with too many animals. I bet the shelter may have even been dumping cats at his place. Maybe that's part of Boks animal refusing program. Go pick up an unwanted animal, don't book it in then drop it off at a person's house who wouldn't refuse the animal. Then bust the guy for hoarding.

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